Alleged Corferias worker mentions that they already knew of a death at the event

Alleged Corferias worker mentions that they already knew of a death at the event
Alleged Corferias worker mentions that they already knew of a death at the event

The body of Carlos David Ruiz, 25 years old, was found in Corferias, on Sunday, May 26, at the end of the Baum Festival.

Photo: Family archive

An alleged Corferias employee has made strong statements to Noticias Caracol’s Ojo de la Noche program, stating that some workers at the venue knew of the existence of a body in the facilities, but hid the information to avoid the cancellation of the Baum Festival. The body was later identified as that of Carlos David Ruíz.

As mentioned by the employee, on Saturday, May 25, when he arrived to work, he was informed of the situation: “They told me ‘there was a death last night in Corferias, but they don’t want the Prosecutor’s Office or journalists to know so as not to throw anything away ( …) the organization of the event, because the biggest thing was missing, which was Saturday night, which was a full house.’”

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“I want it to be investigated, to come to light, because I know that there is a family that is grieving right now for a boy who, whether crazy or not crazy, because of drugs or not, did not deserve to die like that,” declared the worker. , arguing that he hopes that the pertinent investigation into what happened will be carried out.

He also questioned how the victim managed to violate the security of the water tanks, considering that the area was closed with fences and metal fences, in addition to the surveillance and logistics personnel of the event. “There is the goal, there is surveillance, the entire sector had fences, everything was closed, and to get to the other side, it was taken by security or the logistics operators of the event,” he explained.

He added that the water tanks, where they found the body of Carlos David Ruiz, “remain closed, they are only opened after the event takes place. In a moment they put the chemical on them and come back and cover them up. Otherwise, those tanks do not remain uncovered.” For this reason, he questions the official version that Ruiz “climbed the ladder and jumped, that is what they have to explain.”

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The alleged employee, who worked during the festival weekend, urged the Prosecutor’s Office to interview the workers on Friday and Saturday, ensuring that they would corroborate his version. During his conversation with the Ojo de la Noche section, he also mentioned that during the Baum Festival “drugs and alcohol were seen everywhere.”

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