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The measures announced this Tuesday by the United States government are limited, declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez.

On the social network sponsors of terrorism.

These measures seek to create divisions within Cuban society, while the United States government finances disinformation operations to hold the Cuban government responsible for the severe damage caused to the Cuban people for 65 years, he asserted.

Shortly before, at a press conference, the deputy director general of the United States directorate of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), Johana Tablada, stated: “they intend to turn the private sector, in a capricious way, into an agent in favor of change.” “What they want here, which is nothing more than regime change.”

The United States Department of the Treasury announced this Tuesday measures to facilitate Internet access in Cuba and financing for the non-state sector of the Caribbean nation’s economy.

The decision implies entry to programs, mobile application stores, social networks, videoconferencing, educational, automatic translation platforms, maps and content in the cloud, among others, which until now were banned in the Antillean country as part of the policy. hostile from Washington.

Another determination is the transfer of funds originating and destined for the United States, revoked during the mandate of Republican President Donald Trump and which makes it easier for its banks to manage remittances and payments from citizens on the island.

Cuba will not hinder measures announced by the United States

Cuba will not hinder the measures announced this Tuesday by the foreign assets control office of the Treasury Department that are aimed at favoring the private sector, even when they are limited and do not benefit all of society, said Johana Tablada, deputy director general of the United States. of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex).

These are measures announced two years ago by President Biden and they do not touch the body of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by his government, nor do they modify the extreme regulations that are applied against Cuba, and they demonstrate that once again the North American government tries to adapt their actions, not to the reality of the nation, but to a fiction that is built on this reality, and separates the private sector, he added.

The diplomat affirmed that the United States (USA) ignores that both the private sector or non-state form of management, and the public sector are part of the same framework that is the Cuban business system, and of course also of the society in his set.

He recalled that the private sector in Cuba was established based on decisions made by the government in consultation with the population, an important requirement of the 2019 Constitution.

He also said that the same thing happens when the document is read and the handling of issues related to the Internet and its massive use draws attention, when on the Island the main obstacle to its operation is linked to the hundreds of tools and hundreds of programs. that remain prohibited precisely to respond to the main objective of United States policy, which is not to benefit Cuban society, said Tablada.

From the preliminary analysis carried out today of the measures published, it can be seen that it will be very difficult for some to come to fruition, since the decision of the United States government not to remove Cuba from the list of States sponsoring terrorism has a very serious implication. great in measures, he argued.

Cuba is studying them, Tablada reported, and the government’s decision is firm and, if they do not violate national legislation and truly represent an opportunity or an opening for our population, and the population benefits, even if it were for a specific segment of our population, the Cuban government is not going to put obstacles in the way of the application of these measures.

This May 28, the foreign assets control office of the US Department of the Treasury announced that it “authorizes Cuban entrepreneurs to open and use US bank accounts over the internet to carry out financial transactions” from the island and which seeks to “promote internet freedom in Cuba, support independent entrepreneurs in the private sector and expand access to certain financial services for the Cuban people.”

However, Cuba remains on the list of State sponsors of terrorism, which limits financial transactions with international banks, hinders the arrival of shipping companies to the island’s ports, and the US government intensifies the unilateral coercive and interventionist measures of the blockade.

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