They accuse a libertarian deputy of using stolen DNI and recording deaths to set up the party in Río Negro

They accuse a libertarian deputy of using stolen DNI and recording deaths to set up the party in Río Negro
They accuse a libertarian deputy of using stolen DNI and recording deaths to set up the party in Río Negro

A libertarian deputy is suspected of having falsified signatures, stolen public data from Pami and stolen tokens with the aim of achieving the necessary adhesions to form La Libertad Avanza in Rio Negro.

The ruling party has already begun membership campaigns throughout the country. In the last elections, La Libertad Avanza was a coalition of parties and Karina Milei seeks to turn it into a national force that does not depend on local rubber stamps.

In Río Negro that task was left in the hands of Lorena Villaverde, a libertarian representative who last year was denounced for directing a remake The Great Train Robbery (1978) that replaced gold bars with electoral ballots, the train with pick-ups and Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland with a couple of local leaders.

A libertarian candidate denounced a Milei representative for stealing his ballots at gunpoint

This time Villaverde is suspected of forging the accessions for the formation of La Libertad Avanza in Río Negro. The electoral justice system discovered that among the signatories there are at least five deaths. Forged signatures were also found.

The most serious thing is that to join a party it is necessary to present a photocopy of your DNI, something much more complex to create. That is why in local politics they target César Domínguez.

A former pichettista, Domínguez is a permanent member of PAMI and took leave to become a deputy in the provincial legislature. Rodolfo Aguiar, from ATE, mentioned the situation days ago without giving too many details.

The suspicion is that the copies of the documents arrived through PAMI and that would earn Villaverde and Domínguez a criminal complaint.

The complaint is prepared by Elba Mansilla, who responds to a former libertarian leader who was left out of the distribution of positions. “The information that came to light comes from within,” said a provincial source.

This is Ariel Rivero, also a pichettista and aligned with Guillermo Francos who controlled the party alliance with Villaverde. In the Rio Negro legislature they assure that Rivero seeks to compete within the libertarian internal party in the next elections under the banner of Primero Río Negro.

The falsification of data was so crude that it included the name and surname of a teacher who is also the sister of a national deputy from La Cámpora.

“My sister has nothing to do with LLA. She is a teacher and defender of public schools. I received calls from many teachers who were outraged at having been included among the adherents. All those who came to say that they were the new thing repeat the worst practices of the politics. They are a scam,” rejected deputy Pedro Dantas in dialogue with LPO.

According to Cinco Saltos al Día, similar irregularities were found in towns such as General Roca, Viedma, Cipolletti, Bariloche, San Antonio Oeste and Cinco Saltos. In Cinco Saltos, 90% of the accessions would be false.

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