They create alliances to prevent breast cancer in Santa Marta and Ciénaga

At the press conference held by the Gloria Latorre Foundation, the campaign being carried out in favor of the early detection of breast cancer was announced, an alliance between the Avón Foundation, the Gloria Latorre Foundation, the District Mayor’s Office and the University of Magdalena, who started this day yesterday, May 28.

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They include completely free screenings that contribute to achieving achievements such as the prevention of this disease, this being one of the highest incidences of the female population, according to Latorre.

Likewise, these initiatives have the intention of unifying forces in the formation of relationships of various factors from academia, NGOs and civil society, which allow the implementation of certain activities to benefit the health and well-being of the women of Magdalena.

Gloria Latorre, leads a preventive campaign.

This event is planned from yesterday, May 28, until the 31st of this month. In Santa Marta it will be at the headquarters of the University of Magdalena, specifically in the university welfare building, and today the 29th, they will be holding the day in the municipality of Ciénaga, at the Infotep university in alliance with the mayor’s office of Ciénaga.

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On Thursday and Friday, they will be moving to the Antonio Nariño University to continue with this serious commitment.

For Gloria, the greatest act a woman can do for herself, demonstrating self-love, is by taking care of her hands, exercising the three early detection tools, such as self-examination, clinical breast check-up and mammography.

It is worth remembering that this disease that we seek to prevent today is one of the most frequent cancers and the most common cause of death worldwide.

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