Alias ​​Kaleth, an accused hitman of the Gulf Clan, fell in Neiva

Alias ​​Kaleth, an accused hitman of the Gulf Clan, fell in Neiva
Alias ​​Kaleth, an accused hitman of the Gulf Clan, fell in Neiva

The leader of the Gulf Clan known as alias Kaleth was captured in the city of Neiva. The man is accused of being a feared hitman and carrying out several robberies in the capital of Huila.

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In videos from security cameras you can see the criminal techniques of the offender. In one of his robberies he approaches his victim, the grave of the motorcycle and steals everything from him.

In another of his misdeeds, The new victim is intercepted by the criminal and his accomplice, who, to rob him, points a firearm at him on a lonely street in Neiva. In a matter of seconds, he is stripped of all his belongings. Then, the robbers flee on the motorcycle.

The same strategy used aliases Kaleth and his gang to even enter the offices and rob the employees. A situation that generated panic among the residents of Neiva for almost three months.

Colonel Alexander Castillo, commander of the Neiva Police, assured that, due to these events, the Judicial and Criminal Investigation Section, Sijín, “managed to determine his alleged responsibility in more than 12 thefts to the commercial sector of the capital opita.”

After the complaints and full identification, the investigators established that alias Kaleth was not just a robber. It was also about one of the most wanted criminals and that he had come to Neiva apparently to hide.

“According to the investigation carried out, he would have fulfilled the role of hitman who was part of the structure of the Clan del Golfo, which crime in Magdalena Medio, with interference in the departments of Antioquia, Bolívar, Boyacá and Santander”Colonel Castillo added.

After several days of monitoring, alias Kaleth was captured in a house in Neiva, where they found the firearm with which, investigators say, he murdered at least 20 people in Magdalena Medio and which he used in most of the robberies in Huila.

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