Debt for $300 billion to the governor is approved in the second debate

Debt for $300 billion to the governor is approved in the second debate
Debt for $300 billion to the governor is approved in the second debate

In an extraordinary session of the Assembly of the Department of Magdalena, held yesterday, May 28, the Ordinance Project No. 110 was approved in the second debate, the proposition proposed by Deputy Rafael Noya, in which the indebtedness is requested. internally for 300 billion pesos in favor of the Magdalena government.

The above aims to finance investments contemplated in the Development Plan in which other provisions of the assembly of the department of Magdalena are dictated in use of its constitutional and legal powers, especially those conferred in numeral 9 of article 300. of the political constitution.

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Likewise, despite the irregularities reported during the debate, approval was granted to Governor Rafael Martínez, who had 10 votes in favor and 3 against, among which was that of the representative and opposition member Marta García. , who affirms that the department does not have the debt capacity for the amount requested by Noya.

“With information provided by themselves, through documents from the General Comptroller’s Office, which is the consolidated Treasury and public information, taking these figures into account, they do not give the solvency indicators because it is above 60% and they do not give the sustainability indicators. that exceed 200% and can only be up to 100%… Not even the ministry could give guarantee for a debt with this type of rating because we are in a process of acquiring sustainability.”

On the other hand, it is clarified that this debt quota may be used by the governor of Magdalena or by the person delegated to carry out public and related credit operations, in accordance with the economic and convenience financial evaluation carried out. the departmental administration.

According to the second article, this permitted action authorizes the governor of Magdalena to ignore income, constitute and grant necessary guarantees, as well as agree on interest, terms and other financial conditions in accordance with the legal regulations in force for the lines of credit that are used.

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Now, according to the third article, the governor of Magdalena is authorized until December 31, 2027 to celebrate and subscribe the contracts that are necessary for public credit operations with La barca, with commercial banks, and/or the modality of credit to suppliers upon prior compliance with the legal requirements for compliance with the debt quota authorized in the first article of this ordinance.

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