PDI official is wounded by a bullet in an attempt to set up in Quinta Normal: she shot 3 criminals | National

PDI official is wounded by a bullet in an attempt to set up in Quinta Normal: she shot 3 criminals | National
PDI official is wounded by a bullet in an attempt to set up in Quinta Normal: she shot 3 criminals | National

This Tuesday night, around 11:15 p.m., a violent crime occurred in the commune of Quinta Normal. Detectives from the Investigative Police (PDI) issued an alert requesting urgent cooperation after the attempt to trap a sub-inspector of the Robbery and Criminal Investigation Brigade (Biro), who was injured by gunshot wounds.

The incident occurred on Alsino Street No. 5082, where the Sub-Inspector was the victim of a trap. The official, who was on her way to her home, was intercepted by criminals.

At that moment, according to the first antecedents, the official repelled the robbery; but he was shot twice, one in the back and another at the level of the collarbone.

Their vehicle would also have been shot between eight and ten times, they informed Radio Bío Bío police sources.

Personnel from different units of the PDI and Carabineros are at the scene of the incident, working at the scene.

While the Injured sub-inspector was rushed to the mutual insurance company by a SAMU car, escorted by two PDI vehicles and one Carabineros. As detailed, the patient is conscious.

Exchange of fire

During the exchange of fire, the PDI official managed to seriously injure at least three of the attackers.

The situation remains tense, with relatives of one of the presumed injured – a minor – in the encirclement, causing disturbances in the SAPU located on Avenida Brasil with Vicuña Mackenna, commune of Renca, where the collaboration of uniformed personnel is requested to control the situation.

Along the same lines, auditors of Radio reported that Gunshots were heard in the healthcare facility..

This fact generated a high demand for police presence in Quinta Normal and the Renca commune.

Witnesses to the entrapment of a PDI official

In conversation with La Radio, Juan Fortina resident of the area, commented that “I was coming home from work and I thought they were firecrackers at first. Then I went out to look and indeed there were shots.. I saw a guy run and official was shouting. The neighbors helped her because she was hit by a bullet. “I think one of the criminals was also injured.”

Another witness, Pedro Larena, also witnessed the events. “I felt the gunshots and I looked out the window. I saw a guy running and the average official bent over the vehicle. She was always conscious. I saw about eight shell casings on the ground and a shotgun near the vehicles. The place quickly filled with Carabineros and PDI,” she said.

“All the neighbors went out to see what was happening. Everything was very fast, the reaction of the PDI and Carabineros was immediate“Larena added. “We saw the criminals running and some vehicles starting. The situation was very tense and dangerous,” she closed.

Records at the site of the event after the PDI was locked up in Quinta Normal:

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