Eliana Stábile also resigned from the Argentine national team

Eliana Stábile also resigned from the Argentine national team
Eliana Stábile also resigned from the Argentine national team

After an ivery hectic start to the week in the women’s team, with the resignation of three footballers, those who demanded better conditions, a fourth was added this Tuesday.

Laurina Oliveros, Julieta Cruz and Lorena Benítez, all of them from Boca, were accompanied by another footballer from the squad and a historic player in the Albiceleste, Eliana Stábile.

“Sad decision and difficult to make. This date I want to take a step aside. “Tired for a long time due to the lack of interest in women’s football,” wrote the Boca left back and added that the only intention is to “be valued and hopefully the next generation will not experience the same thing.”

The national team must play two friendly matches this weekend against the Costa Rican team, at the Estudiantes stadium in Buenos Aires and at the Platense stadium. With those four casualties, Germán Portanova had to resort to other names to replace them.

Anela Nigito, Belén Ludeña, Morena Calvo and Paulina Aprile were added to the squad list, being inexperienced and youth players, with past in the under 17 and under 20 of the Albiceleste.

Portanova’s word

The national team coach spoke this Tuesday about the situation of those who resigned. It was in an interview for the AFA Estudio stream cycle.

I think there has been a lot of progress in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. But we want this not to become a crack. The players who stay to represent the jersey and the flag are also part of the fight. The fight is from within and with dialogue.”

Continuing on this theme, he added: “I respect and understand the decision of the players who made that decision. The situation is sad and I would very much like this debate to not exist.”

“There is no criticism of those who have decided to leave the national team. “We all seek the same goal,” she contributed.

Regarding the communications made by Lorena Benítez, Julieta Cruz and Laurina Oliveros, all Boca Juniors athletes, the former UAI Urquiza stated: “A comparison is always made with the male and it should not be like that because they are different paths.”

In closing, Portanova added: “We must all improve. The players, the CT and also the leaders.”

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