Traps with birds stolen in Valle Viejo

Traps with birds stolen in Valle Viejo
Traps with birds stolen in Valle Viejo

May 29, 2024 – 1:08 p.m.

During the early hours of today, the theft of a significant number of birds that were in a cage in the department of Valle Viejo, specifically in the town of Villa Dolores, was reported. According to police authorities, Antonio Zárate, owner of a home located in front of the Villalobos court complex, reported that individuals entered his property and after overcoming a three-meter-high wall, they took seven cages with their respective birds from a gallery. adjacent and, from another cage. They stole two copies of kings of the forest.

Currently, the staff of the Villa Dolores police station is investigating the case, and another similar incident has also been reported in the Don Zenón neighborhood in San Isidro where three cages and a trapper with a Tiapichu, a king of the Forest and a Chalchalero were stolen.

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Traps with birds stolen in Valle Viejo

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