Province presented the Regional Workshop for Strengthening the Immunization Program – LU20 – Radio Chubut – AM580

The Government of Chubut, through the provincial Health Secretariat, presented this Tuesday the “Regional Workshop for the Strengthening of the Immunization Program”, with the aim of reinforcing the management tools necessary for the effective development of the plan and improving the coverage and quality of services provided to the community.

The official ceremony, held at the Rayentray Hotel in Puerto Madryn, was led by the Secretary of Health, Sergio Wisky, who was accompanied by the mayor, Gustavo Sastre; the head of the Chubut Immunization program, Daniela Carreras; the representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Pilar Tortorelo; the national director of Immunizations (DICEI), Gabriela Elbert; and the head of the Immunization program of the province of Santa Cruz, Estefanía Sticker.

In this framework, the Secretary of Health, Sergio Wisky, highlighted the holding of this type of meetings in the province and pointed out that “with this we seek to fine-tune all the strategies and agree on some new actions because although we are fine with some vaccines, as measles and rubella, there are some alerts so we seek to maintain the measles-free status and not lose that characteristic that Argentina has.”

“These works are being done regionally and we are very proud that they are here in Puerto Madryn working with something that we say is the most important vaccine that humanity has, which is the knowledge that allows us to later take correct actions,” he added. the provincial official.


From the Provincial Directorate of Prevalent Pathologies and Epidemiology of the Chubut health portfolio, they reported that the objectives of this workshop include reinforcing the management tools necessary for the effective development of the Expanded Immunization Program (EPI) and strengthening key components, such as nominal registration, the cold chain and epidemiological surveillance, contributing to improving the coverage and quality of immunization services throughout the province.


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