Generation began with vosz, an audiovisual proposal that reaches TV and social networks

Then he answered questions related to government management, characterized by the intensity of day-to-day life: “It’s like living ahead of time, because while salaries are being paid today, one is thinking about next month’s payment.”

“The responsibility of the position and what people expect of you is something that is always on my mind,” was another of the phrases expressed by Sadir during the dialogue with the host.

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In another of the segments of Generación con vosz, the renowned influencer from Jujuy Flor Caliva shared, on set, her experience on social networks. Flor spoke about her presence in virtual communities, her interaction with her followers and the responsibility that comes with being an influential person for youth. Currently, the Jujeña has 58.6 K followers on Instagram and 89.1 K followers on Tik Tok.

The arrival of the World Cup also had its place in the program. The mega event organized by the Provincial Government and the AFA, brought together 50 thousand Jujeños and Jujeñas in the Cultural City of all ages who participated as a family, defying the freezing day to live the World Cup experience in Jujuy and photograph themselves for posterity along with the World Cup and the trophies of the Copa América and the Finalisima, all obtained by the team led by Lio Messi.

Generación con vosz is produced by the Government of Jujuy, so the government management will have its space on the screen; in this edition The report on the inauguration of Secondary School No. 28 of Tres Creces, built within the framework of the Program to Improve Access to Educational Quality (PROMACE), was presented., with financing from the income of the Cauchari solar energy plant with which the province “transforms energy into education.” The report highlighted testimonials from students who expressed their excitement at having a new school building.

The program can be seen on Wednesdays on Channel 4 from 3:30 p.m., on Channel 7 in Jujuy from 3 p.m.; via streaming on the El Tribuno de Jujuy channel and on the YouTube channel of the Government of Jujuy, in addition to its official networks.

“One of the changes in the program is the name, now we are Generation with Voices, the idea is to listen to each other, share positive things together that inspire us, and you are invited to join”expressed Yanina Carrasco when opening the cycle.

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