Municipal Conferences 22nd Congress hit the union target in Holguín • Workers

Municipal Conferences 22nd Congress hit the union target in Holguín • Workers
Municipal Conferences 22nd Congress hit the union target in Holguín • Workers

The four Municipal Conferences 22 Congress of the Cuban Workers’ Union (CTC) held to date in Holguín have shown the feelings of the union movement in the face of its great event in 2025: to contribute from their analyzes and actions to the economic and social improvement of the nation.

The municipal conferences of the 22nd Congress of the CTC revive and strengthen union work at the territorial level. Photo: Lianne Fonseca

Following the words expressed by Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, general secretary of the CTC, in the call for the great event, the Holguín labor movement is committed to ensuring that “Cuba is always sovereign, independent, socialist and increasingly democratic, prosperous and sustainable.” ».

This has been demonstrated in the municipalities of “Calixto García”, Báguanos, Cueto and Gibara, where the delegates have exposed the organization’s deficiencies and also its strengths, so that ideas can germinate from their judgment that flourish in the workplace and have an impact on the salary and quality of life of workers and on the development of the country in the very difficult context it is going through.

In these spaces, the importance of good union functioning from the base has been highlighted, which implies, among other issues, the active participation of workers in the decision-making of the entities and institutions, so that solutions are agreed upon between the union and the administration. adapted to the challenges of the Cuban economy.

Likewise, the ideas expressed by the Holguín delegates have been related to strategies to improve membership in the state and private sectors and correctly apply the cadre policy.

Likewise, the arguments about food production have been significant, an issue that in the eastern province is being favored with the implementation of a new productive movement that every weekend will reach various agricultural and sugarcane areas of the 14 Holguín municipalities.

The 10 conferences that remain to be held are planned until the month of July and it is expected to strengthen the union structures at the municipal level and lay the foundations for a fruitful Congress in Holguín.


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