Student strike at Pailitas school due to lack of surveillance

Student strike at Pailitas school due to lack of surveillance
Student strike at Pailitas school due to lack of surveillance

For more than a week, students from the Rosa Jaimes Barrera Agricultural Educational Institution, located in the municipality of Pailitas, Cesar, have been in cessation of activities due to the lack of guards and the appointment of another cleaner to clean the entire infrastructure that It covers approximately two hectares.

Andrés Julián Payares, school controller of the institution, explained that they have been protesting for approximately ten days and have only received a response in the appointment of a single cleaner, which is insufficient to maintain cleanliness in the school.

The appointment of the guard is pending, whose position is available and so far there has been no response from the Departmental Secretary of Education. “Since December 30 of last year, this staff has not been appointed, putting the safety of real estate and the students themselves at risk,” he said.

He assured that the institution serves around 600 high school students, who have been affected by the thefts, mainly in the area of ​​the farm where they have animals and plants that are part of their training in the agricultural area.

“The educational campus is only open between 2:00 in the afternoon and 6:00 in the morning the next day. We only have one doorman who helps keep watch in the mornings; Last year, 30 computers, desks, vegetables, plants were stolen and a few days ago, an unknown subject entered the farm and took some chickens,” he said.

He explained that on that occasion the subject was seen by some students and was carrying more than 20 chickens in a sack, but when he was discovered, he let them go and fell on top of them, killing more than half.

The cessation of activities had been carried out indefinitely, and upon achieving the appointment of one of the cleaners and thinking about the performance of the students, the strike continues in a staggered manner, that is, four hours of class and two of strike are taught. .

Luis Manuel Enrique Mora, student representative, pointed out that the school areas are dirty, which affects the educational environment and the hygienic conditions for school performance.

In this sense, they call on the Ministry of Education of Cesar to intervene in this problem and guarantee them a safe and clean environment.

The rector of the educational center, Yenny Acosta, said that the Ministry of Education carried out the transfer of the cleaner from the Media Luna district to Pailitas. The appointment of the guard is pending, since the institution has said position, which had been occupied by a worker who was retired.

An approach has been made to the educational authorities to achieve a definitive solution to this problem that is affecting the academic performance of students.

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