“NOTARIES” – first notary edict of the circle of fa

“NOTARIES” – first notary edict of the circle of fa
“NOTARIES” – first notary edict of the circle of fa


FIRST NOTARY OF THE FACATATIVÁ CIRCLE, DEPARTMENT OF CUNDINAMARCA, EMPLAZA: To all persons who consider themselves entitled to intervene, within ten (10) days following the publication of this Edict on the Billboard of this Notary, in the notarial process of intestate succession liquidation of the deceased: HILDA MARÍA VELASQUEZ DE MORENO AND JESÚS ANTONIO MORENO BELTRAN, who in life were identified with citizenship cards numbers 21,094,057 and 446,456 issued in Vianí, respectively, who died, the first, on the eighteenth (September 18, two thousand twenty (2020) in the municipality of Vianí; and the second, on August 5 (05), two thousand twenty-three (2023) in the municipality of Facatativá. Accepted the respective procedure in this Notary’s Office through document number twenty-seven (27) of the month of May of two thousand twenty-four (2,024); The publication of this Edict is ordered in a newspaper with wide national circulation and in the station of this place chosen by the interested parties, in compliance with the provisions of Article 3 of Decree 902 of 1988, also ordering its posting in a visible place. of the Notary’s Office for a period of ten (10) days. This Edict is set today, May twenty-seven (27), two thousand twenty-four (2024), at 8:00 a.m. m – NORBY FERNANDO MORA SANCHEZ – FIRST NOTARY OF FACATATIVA CUNDINAMARCA –

This edict is lifted on the twelfth (12th) day of the month of June, two thousand twenty-four (2024), at 6:00 in the afternoon. NOTARY NORBY FERNANDO MORA SANCHEZ


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