Magdalena won two silver medals in the final of the Intercollegiate Games

Magdalena won two silver medals in the final of the Intercollegiate Games
Magdalena won two silver medals in the final of the Intercollegiate Games

Skaters Gabriela Peñaranda Medina and Shelcey Meléndez Vélez took second place in the 100 meter lanes, junior category, and 800 meter sprints, respectively, which were held in Valledupar.

In the final phase of the 2023 Intercollegiate Games, skaters Gabriela Peñaranda Medina and Shelcey Meléndez Vélez won two silver medals for Magdalena. These young women won silver medals in the 100 meter lane events, junior category, and 800 meter sprints.

Peñaranda Medina, representing the La Presentación de Santa Marta school, demonstrated all its potential in a circuit that took place at the La Casa en el Aire monument, in Valledupar. There, in the 100 meter lane test she used a time of 11.781 which allowed her to place herself in second place, behind only by thousandths of a second the Laura Huertas Vera from Tolima, and ahead of the Valluna Gisell Caicedo.

“The competition was very difficult, but at the same time, it was exciting to be able to compete with many teammates who are very good. I appreciate everyone’s support in this process that encourages me to continue working to seek more positive results,” said Gabriela Peñaranda.

For her part, Shelcey Meléndez, from the Liceo San Marcos Magdalena school, in the 800 meter lane test, managed to pass second with a record of 1,11,998. In first place was the representative of Antioquia Yoselyn Paola Rojo Mosquera and in third place was Manuela Saldarriaga Berdugo from Bogotá.

“A very demanding test with a lot of concentration, where I managed to get ahead to obtain the medal,” said Meléndez.

The Government of Magdalena, through Indeportes, provides support to the students of each of the institutions that have represented the Department with great sporting honor in these national events.

Magdalena participates in volleyball, basketball, skating, soccer, chess, athletics and indoor soccer in the final phase of the Intercollegiate Games of the 2023 version.


In order to strengthen the new sports figures, the seedbeds in the municipalities, including disciplines such as skating, the Popular Sports Schools were created, benefiting 14 thousand boys and girls, through 99 schools in the 29 municipalities.

In addition, with the delivery of 42 thousand implements and clothing for practicing sports, these schools, which have become a strategic program for overcoming poverty and generating opportunities for children in popular neighborhoods from the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta by Carlos Caicedo, which was continued by Rafael Martínez and then Virna Jonhson, today begins to deliver results in Magdalena.

Strategies like these will continue to be present in the administration of Governor Rafael Martínez to continue closing the gaps that have existed in sports due to those who used the resources of this sector to profit and divert themselves to their own interests. In the Governments of Change, the dignity of athletes is guaranteed.

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