Porteñas Tocatas filled the Puerto neighborhood with live music during the Heritage weekend in Valparaíso – G5noticias

Porteñas Tocatas filled the Puerto neighborhood with live music during the Heritage weekend in Valparaíso – G5noticias
Porteñas Tocatas filled the Puerto neighborhood with live music during the Heritage weekend in Valparaíso – G5noticias

Once again, the typical venues of the port received a handful of local bands in a new day of Tocatas Porteñas. The alliance between tenants, artists and the Citizen Mayor’s Office this time focused on the Heritage Neighborhood of Valparaíso, where a series of activities were carried out within the framework of Heritage Day 2024.

Nine venues located in the Patrimonial Neighborhood of Valparaíso were the perfect setting for a new day of the Tocatas Porteñas. One of them was the Doris Restaurant, with more than 44 years of operation on Blanco Street, in the heart of the Puerto neighborhood, where a day was experienced with full tables, live music for those present, in addition to the best preparations of the restaurant. traditional gastronomy of Valparaíso, such as fish calugas, chorrillanas and the popular fried fish.

In total, nine toccatas were held in different locations and with totally local musicians and groups, within the framework of the Porteña Tocatas held by the Citizen Mayor’s Office for Heritage Day, an event promoted by Valpo al 100, the Directorate of Economic Development and the Directorate of Cultural Development.

For the owner of the classic Doris, María Clavijo, this project is very positive, since it also gave her the possibility of having more workers to serve the tables that were full during the entire lunch hour. “We are grateful for the beauty of having brought the performances here to the Doris restaurant, where I have been for 44 years and it is the first time that I have experienced an event of this magnitude celebrating the World Heritage Site,” acknowledged the merchant who is a fanatical Santiago Wanderers fan. and that is why it has completely decorated its premises in green and white.

Las Tocatas Porteñas is an instance that seeks to encourage economic activation through the programming of live music in different spaces and venues in Valparaíso with completely free admission. It has already been carried out on three previous occasions, and on this occasion it was chosen to carry it out in the Barrio Puerto, because it is one of the most visited sectors during Heritage Day.

“We were invited to participate in the Porteña Tocatas for Heritage Day, and we are grateful for the beautiful afternoon we spent at the Emporio Echaurren, we enjoyed it very much, the sound was also very good, the people received our music very warmly, so “It was a huge pleasure to be able to participate,” said Gabriela Atal, who is the voice of the group Gaby y Las Enredaderas.

9 performances in 9 different venues

The programming of the Tocatas Porteñas on this occasion was divided into two blocks: at lunch time César Olivares and Los Botones de Oro performed at the Liberty Bar and Restaurant; Gaby y La Enredadera was at Emporio Echaurren; at Café Aduana they enjoyed the music of Ann Droguett; La Taberna de Óscar had the presence of the classics Los Chuchos; At the aforementioned Doris Restaurant they enjoyed Los Durum; while in the Capri restaurant the boleros of Los Parejitos del Bolero were heard.

César Pincheira, who is part of the family that runs the Capri, commented that this initiative is important to support Buenos Aires commerce. “The celebration of Heritage Day this year at the Capri restaurant was a very nice experience, in which it was possible to combine the flavors of Chilean cuisine, which we believe is part of the Heritage, with Buenos Aires music through this experience of the Tocatas Porteñas that on this occasion allowed the Capri diners to listen to beautiful music with Los Parejitos del Bolero. So it was a very nice experience to mix flavors, heritage, music, all in a very pleasant atmosphere, so for us it was a tremendous experience to participate in the Tocatas Porteñas together with the Municipality of Valparaíso,” he commented.

Meanwhile, the night block was in charge of La Deyabú at the Cervecería Popular; by Dionisio and his Cumbia in La Pará Kultural; and the cumbia orchestra La Pato Azul in Cervezocracia.

On Serrano Street, at the La Pará Kultural venue, the Buenos Aires performer Dionisio Gálvez sang the best cumbias, making everyone dance. “For us, participating on the day of the Tocatas Porteñas on Heritage Day was a good opportunity to create a community, deliver my art and hopefully they can continue to be carried out and more instances of participation are enabled, especially for music and Buenos Aires artists. . So very happy, happy to have participated in this great event that was given to us as a band and as Buenos Aires artists,” said Dionisio Gálvez.

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