The Change Continues in the Magdalena! Departmental Assembly approved the Development Plan 2024 – 2027

The Change Continues in the Magdalena! Departmental Assembly approved the Development Plan 2024 – 2027
The Change Continues in the Magdalena! Departmental Assembly approved the Development Plan 2024 – 2027

The sovereign people, who voted for continuity and who came en masse to the construction of the PDD, have imposed themselves on the right that in the corporation wanted to trip up so that the history of overcoming poverty, which was started by former governor Carlos Caicedo, does not continue.

This plan is an extension of the route marked by the PDD ‘Magdalena Renace 2020 – 2023’, which in the same way was built with citizen participation, a principle that characterizes this government model that began the Change in 2020, when the Communities recovered their voice, leaving behind the indifference and marginality that the clans used, those who fear when the people are in power and their Government delivers Results.

The second phase of a progressive Government project that is writing a history of Changes for Magdalena begins, the departmental Assembly approved ordinance number 110, through which the Development Plan 2024 -2027 is adopted: ’12+1 Route of Change to overcome poverty’, the roadmap that follows the dignity successes achieved by former governor Carlos Caicedo with the second best PDD in the country 2020 -2023 ‘Magdalena Renace’, a course that allowed the department to reduce the Poverty index Multidimensional by 12%, and is given continuity with this new plan, which incorporates new elements to reach more Magdalenians and reaching new territories.

This approval is a new victory for the people of Magdalen, witness to the results obtained by the social works and programs carried out since the previous four-year period; for a large majority that came out strongly to vote so that the Change would not stop; and for those who believe that opportunities should continue to be for everyone, without exclusion. The people who participated in the construction of this Plan have defeated the political elites of the right who, with a seat in the Assembly, wanted to create obstacles so that the Change would not continue. The people have won!

It is worth specifying that with the approval of the PDD 2024 – 2027, the way is given to the construction of the third subregional university headquarters in Ciénaga, which will accommodate 4,000 young people; the construction of 22.8 more kilometers of the Astrea – Guamal highway, thus being completely completed.

Likewise, the provision of the two university headquarters already underway in El Banco and Plato, with the aim of becoming operational in 2025.

The intervention and construction of 35 road sections is added to the Mi Calle program in Santa Marta; the improvement of basic infrastructure of 130 school sites throughout the department; the construction of the San Juan del Córdoba IED, in Ciénaga; provision for the new schools that are being built today, among other projects contemplated in the Development Plan, such as the completion of the technical, logistical, and operational process of the Macando Train, and the implementation of the cultural and tourist offer to make the Magdalena the department of tourism in Colombia.

“With the approval and support of the PDD by the departmental Assembly we validate the commitment we made with citizens to continue transforming lives. A project that was started by former governor Carlos Caicedo and for which we are going to work every day to continue being the territory in the country that most overcomes poverty.

We are a left-wing government with results that ratify its work so that there is dignity for our people of Magdalen,” said Governor Rafael Martínez.

Governor Martínez has stressed that it is a commitment to preserve, defend and continue the legacy of Carlos Caicedo, who deepened the changes that led to the reduction of poverty, according to DANE. That is why the 4 revolutions that come from the previous period are maintained: that of productivity, that of environmental sustainability, that of equity and that of popular power, which are connected with the new PDD in the following 12 +1 components:

Colleges, universities and Change Scholarships; Sports for Joy, Macondo Cultural, Hospitals and Doctor in your Home, Food for Change, Fair and Equity Units, Water for the People and Decent Housing, Environmental Management for Life, Cooperatives for Progress, Paths of Change, Change for Peace and Security, Public Policies and Finance for Change and Popular Power and Federalism.

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