For the first time in history, Córdoba will have its Bonche de Oro

Córdoba will have the Bonche de Oro for the first time, through the ‘Córdoba sings and dances its traditions’ festival, which It will take place on June 9 and 10 at the Montería Convention Center, within the framework of the 2024 Livestock Fair.

On the first day, the children’s categories will be presented in dance and representative music, while the second day will be the turn of young people and adults, coming from the 30 municipalities of the Córdoba territory, making room for all the musical expressions that characterize it.

Valeria Vega Ramírez, social manager of the department, stated: “We want to praise, recognize and value the cultural manifestations of our department; and also support and promote the groups that keep our traditions alive.”

The Córdoba Danza y Canta su Tradiciones Festival will not only strengthen the artistic and cultural processes of the department, but will also serve as a platform for the circulation and dissemination of the cultural diversity of Córdoba. The Bonche de Oro, a symbolic flower of the region, will be the highest award, followed by the Bonche de Plata and the Bonche de Bronce for second and third place, respectively.

This project, the flagship of the departmental government, promises to be a vibrant event that highlights the arts, traditions and knowledge of Córdoba, reaffirming the region’s commitment to the preservation and promotion of its rich cultural heritage.

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