Codazzi students ask for a change of operator

Codazzi students ask for a change of operator
Codazzi students ask for a change of operator

Students of the Francisco de Paula Santander Educational Institution, from Codazzi, advanced a protest outside the campus demanding the implementation of the School Feeding Program, alleging that they have spent the entire school year without this benefit.

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They also indicated that for two years the school has not had cleaners and security guards, which is why they are being affected by the lack of constant cleaning and that they are exposed to insecurity, as well as the infrastructure, furniture and other belongings.

In the midst of the protest, they did not allow the entry of teachers and administrative staff, requesting the presence of Mayor Hernán Baquero and officials of the Cesar Government.

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Likewise, it was learned that in this school by the Parent association, They refused to accept the PAE operator, for alleged deficiencies in the operation in the previous term and seek to have it changed.

Given this situation, the Codazzi Mayor’s Officethrough a statement responded that on March 21, they formally let the parents know that the PAE would be attended in its entirety by the Government of Cesar, in accordance with the common stock agreement with the municipality to determine the benefited institutions.

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“This is how the PAE has been running since April 10 with coverage of 6,564 students in the urban area. The municipal administration has also guaranteed the continuity of this benefit with all the required regulations and ensuring educational permanence until the last day. of the current academic calendar,” the Mayor’s Office stated.

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