The chaos generated by the closure of a Correo Argentino headquarters in Cipolletti

The chaos generated by the closure of a Correo Argentino headquarters in Cipolletti
The chaos generated by the closure of a Correo Argentino headquarters in Cipolletti

The fact is that, precisely, this abrupt cessation of activities in the other local branch of the Postal Service meant that all the work was now concentrated at the headquarters of Mengelle and Teniente Ibáñez, which at times collapsed and appeared completely overwhelmed in the midst of incessant movement. .

The Post Office worker who did not accept the withdrawal

“The truth is that we can’t cope”acknowledged Julio Salto, the employee who moved from one office to another due to the drastic decision of the National Government, which according to presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni believes that if it is not privatized it will be difficult for the emblematic institution to survive.

“2,200 Postal employees have left throughout the country and apparently they want to continue from the Nation with the onslaught until they reach 4 thousand… A shame because it is hard, I have 2 daughters, one still in the University and I can assure you that they are living complicated moments when you don’t know if you are staying on the street or not,” said the worker, who had to live with uncertainty for several weeks until his situation was normalized with the aforementioned move…

He regretted that far from improving conditions, the closure of the Sáenz Peña headquarters resulted in a considerable increase in demand in the central building of Correo Argentino in our city and it only brought complications for the workers and neighbors.

Mengelle Mail.jpg

Many young entrepreneurs also need the Post Office to work better. Photo Anahí Cárdena.

“There are delays of 40 minutes, many complain, others leave, others withdraw the number and come back later. It’s the only office in the city and we can’t cope. From Neuquén they come here too, Thank goodness the Gold one is still open as I found out because chaos would be total if not,” he described the complex situation in statements to LM Cipolletti.

“It was 3 months ago, a lot of people were served there in Sáenz Peña. I was alone here, the other 2 companions were resettled in Neuquén. Maybe it’s not enough with the staff, 8 left here and they don’t replenish, there are 6 street mail carriers left and sometimes they don’t arrive with the entire delivery. Note that on Monday we close at 4 p.m. and finish working at 4:50 p.m.,” the man explained.

Julio is 49 years old and has 27 years of service in this entity. He is “concerned about the situation.” He understands that “many colleagues agreed to leave for fear of being fired, as the voluntary retirement was 130% and the dismissal was 100%, several took a trip…”, reflected a Post employee who is aligned with the AJEPROC union.

Neighbors, also concerned

“If you tell me that they close the other one and improve the conditions in this one, I’ll take it from you, but closing so that all this is chaos, what’s the point,” protested one of the neighbors who preferred to keep his name withheld.

“It can’t be that coming to pick up a simple parcel takes more time than a visit to the doctor,” said a woman who was walking from one side to the other, full of anxiety, with the same indignation.

The climate is burning at the local Post Office. Don’t kill the messenger…

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