Tragedy in Amsterdam: a man died after being sucked into a plane engine

A fatal episode occurred this Wednesday at Amsterdam airport. Man dies after being sucked into plane engine and the event was witnessed by several passengers about to board.

As reported, The person died after falling on the running enginea from a plane operated by KLM airline at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. However They still don’t know how the person ended up in that situation.

From the airport they reported that in “a terrible incident, a person fell into the engine of an airplane.” For its part, the Dutch gendarmerie (Marechaussee) indicated that it is carrying out an investigation to clarify what happened.

”Our thoughts are with the family and we are worried about the passengers.”and colleagues who witnessed this,” Schiphol said in a brief note.

Tragedy in Amsterdam: there were several witnesses to the fatal accident

The gendarmerie detailed that the incident occurred on the Schiphol platform. In At that time there were numerous passengers who ended up witnessing the tragedy and were later treated by victim assistance services at the airport.

On the other hand, they indicated that The identity of the deceased is still unknown. and they seek to confirm whether it is a passenger or an employee.


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