Omar Félix described as unusual La Pampa’s proposal regarding the waste of water in a winery that does not work


The Arizú Winery is no longer in the place that the Pampas governor mentioned since 1996 and, on the contrary, an olive-growing enterprise operates.

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The explanation of the head of Irrigation about the La Pampa resource

After a long history where Mendoza obtained the right to irrigate more than 75,000 hectares and then with the surpluses discussing with La Pampa what to do, this new proposal appeared before the Court, it contextualized Diario UNO, Sergio MarinelliIrrigation Superintendent.

“What they presented is an appeal because, supposedly, Mendoza gives excessive amounts of water to a winery for the same amount that should be given to La Pampa,” he explained.

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Sergio Marinelli, Superintendent of Irrigation of Mendoza, explained that the proposal is a fallacy because there is no warehouse.

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“This is one total fallacy Since it is about, we assume because it is not explicit, what Arizu was at the time. Today The company that owns the land built the entire vineyard. The winery works as a oil can and the crops are Approximately 1,300 hectares of olive trees“he continued.

And he clarified that “at that moment in which this type of expenditure was being made is when the olive tree needs a greater supply of water, because it is when the olive is growing“.

Furthermore, he clarified that “the company has all its crops with pressurized irrigationwith which the level of irrigation efficiency of that area of ​​olive trees is really very good.

The story of the Pueyo Echevarría Family that bought the land

At the beginning of the last century, a group of Spaniards from a family from the province of Navarra arrived in these lands to found one of the most important wine companies in Argentina, “Bodegas y Viñedos Arizu SA”.

Don Jacinto Arizu together with his brothers found in Villa Atuel, the land and water of the best quality, necessary to be able to develop their objectives.

So much so that they managed to establish the largest vineyard area in the world, 3,800 hectares, and build a 60 million liter winery, today declared a Historical Monument by the Government of the Province of Mendoza.

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In 1996, the Pueyo Echevarría Familyalso Spaniards from Aragon and Vasconia, acquired this property and the development of the new project began.

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