the tremor experienced by Milei’s party in Río Negro

the tremor experienced by Milei’s party in Río Negro
the tremor experienced by Milei’s party in Río Negro

Among the people affected by the trout adhesions there are names of teachers and neighbors from different towns in the Valley. This Wednesday, one of the first complaints in Cipolletti was formalized. Presentations before the Electoral Justice in Allen, General Roca and Cinco Saltos, among other cities, were also taking the same route.

Lorena Villaverde

The Cipoleña businesswoman presented her project in Buenos Aires.

“I am extremely outraged, they have just sent me a list of endorsements for libertarian membership. It turns out that there are a lot of teachers registered as libertarians,” said an Allen teacher who was found in the controversial lists that La Libertad Avanza presented to the Electoral Justice and that are now under scrutiny.

Lorena Villaverde requested an internal audit and spoke of a conspiracy

The internal shock generated by the observations of the Electoral Justice on the adhesions to that force generated the reaction of the libertarian national deputy, Lorena Villaverde, who leads the space.

“I instructed the representatives to do a new audit of what was presented to recertify that it is correct information. The hearing is on Friday and then the process of presenting the membership forms will come. This sloppiness may be one more of those we found due to the actions of former members of the team and some infiltrators who only want to harm the space. of our president, Javier Mileiin the province,” said the deputy.

Although the deputy did not give names about those suspected of committing the sloppiness or the alleged “infiltrators”, within the party everyone pointed out against the Cipoleño Mariano Bianchi and Ariel Zúñiga, vice president of the Promoting Board of La Libertad Avanza. Both were from the Villaverde environment and were displaced from the space a short time ago.

“These are people who were working side by side at the beginning and who have publicly stated that they are, today, working with the provincial government. And that some mismanagement in his ways did not do the team any good. The truth always comes to light, and this space has the forces of heaven and a God who always illuminates us. And the most important thing is to be able to review, correct and continue working. We have plenty of people who want to join LLA RN and since yesterday when my phone exploded, it hasn’t stopped ringing with more people joining and asking me for the references of each locality to go and join,” Villaverde added.

Finally, the representative stated that “this was expected to happen, we know that they are calling, offering things like the old policy does so that they can go and report that they did not give consent to join. They have even sent messages to providers in some municipalities telling them that their children are affiliated with LLA RN and that this will make it difficult to charge for the service provided.”

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