Thomsen incriminated his companions in the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa | The second part of the interview he gave in prison was known

Thomsen incriminated his companions in the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa | The second part of the interview he gave in prison was known
Thomsen incriminated his companions in the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa | The second part of the interview he gave in prison was known

We never agreed to attack. We never wanted to kill anyone“, assured Máximo Thompsen in the second part of the interview that could be seen on television. There, as on Tuesday, he gave his version of what happened on January 18, 2020 inside and outside the Le Brique bowling alley during a fight that ended the life of Fernando Báez Sosa, 18 years old.

In this second part he incriminated his companions, He asked for forgiveness for what happened (“I know that forgiveness is enough”), confessed that he prays for Fernando and even commented that he met a girl in the last two years with whom he wants to have a relationship.. Furthermore, he assured time and again that he did not have the right to defend himself on the recommendation of his former lawyer, Hugo Tomei. This is part of the strategy of his new lawyer, Francisco Oneto, former candidate for vice-governor of Buenos Aires for La Libertad Avanza as his new lawyer in hopes of reversing his sentence to life imprisonment.

In this second broadcast, he gave details about the role of the other rugby players in the fight from his point of view. “Blas (Cinalli) hits Fernando inside the bowling alley,” He assured in relation to the role of his cellmate in the Melchor Romero Alcaidía, where he is serving his life prison sentence. It is the first time that Cinalli appears mentioned in this framework.

“Who hits the first pineapple?” asks the journalist. “Enzo (Comelli),” he replies. He hits him because Fernando had hit Matías (Benicelli).”

According to Thomsen, Fernando had attacked Benicelli inside the bowling alley. Seeing his friend once they had been kicked out of the bowling alley, Thomsen assured that he “got into” a group of eight people to hit someone but he didn’t know who.

Regarding the WhatsApp message sent by Lucas Pertosi, where he refers to someone “expiring” after the fight, Thomsen said that he had only heard it at the trial. After the fight, Máximo went to the house where they were stopping and changed his clothes. He assures that he did not notice that there was blood on the shoe, as Justice later verified.

From there, he went to a McDonald’s with Lucas. “He told me that something bad had happened because he had seen an ambulance. I told him that it could be any fight. I told him that if it was serious, we were going to go to the police station or the sanatorium. I never thought that what had happened had happened. happened,” he said, trying to detach himself from the situation.

He also referred to Pablo Ventura, the boy who rowed in Zárate whom he incriminated at the time and who was in prison for a few days. “A commissioner took me aside, he started to tell me that this was serious, that we could be imprisoned for 25 years, they asked me for names.” and I threw away that name just to throw away. I wasn’t aware of what she was saying. “I regret saying that,” Thomsen said.

Fernando Burlando, the lawyer for Báez Sosa’s family, responded to the young man and assured that they had an attitude “cowardly and selfish”. Burlando called Thomsen’s attitude “miserable” and felt that he “has to do with some kind of strategy that he could use.” However, for the lawyer, “at this point it can have very little effect.”

“Now that they are faced with reality, the lamentations begin. They do not cry for Fernando, for having taken his life. “They cry for them and for the consequences they had to live through,” he added. And he maintained that “they always had a cowardly and selfish position. Cowardly regarding the fact and selfish when they had to evaluate the extent of the damage they generated.”

Graciela Sosa He also broke the silence after Máximo Thomsen’s statements and assured that “they will be able to talk about regret, about crying, about ‘their freedom’, but the only victim is, was and will be Fernando Báez Sosa, beaten to death“. He wrote the text next to a photo with his son and Silvino Báez.

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