Colombia women’s U-20 1-2 Japan, in the Ladies Cup: summary, goals, injuries and chronicle

The Colombian U-20 women’s team took the field again, with their sights set on finalizing details for the World Cup of the category that will be in the ‘coffee’ country. This Wednesday, May 29, the rival on duty was Japan, for the second date of the Ladies Cup, a tournament to which they were invited. Over there, The final result was 1-2 in favor of the ‘Japanese’, who took the points at the Parc des Sports.

On the first day, the ‘tricolor’ had tied 1-1 against Mexico and, due to the format of the competition, they went to penalties, where those led by Carlos Paniagua won 4-2. Thus, winning in their second start was necessary, thinking about qualifying for the final. However, it was not. And it was not the best presentation of the national team, which had a very bad time.

At first, the news was not at all encouraging for the Colombian U-20 women’s team. Gabriela Rodríguez, their reference and scorer, suffered an injury in the 28th minute, which immediately set off alarm bells. She could not continue on the court and will have to wait for the medical report to know the severity of it. Instead, the one who took to the field was Maithé López.

This complicated things and the Asian team got involved in the game. Of course, in the first half, the scoreboard did not move. But, for the complementary part, everything changed. Nana Kashimura was attentive in the area, took advantage of a rebound and, in the 48th minute, she inflated the nets, for the partial 1-0. Cold water bucket for the ‘tricolor’. However, far from giving up, they went in search of a tie.

When the collective does not appear, individualities have to do their thing. This is how, at 62′, Natalia Hernández invented a great action and, with a mid-distance shot, she made it 1-1, restoring hope to the team. But this lasted very little. Luisa Agudelo had a false start and Rio Sasaki scored the final 2-1giving the victory to Japan, who celebrated with all their might.

Mary José Álvarez, captain and defender of the Colombian U-20 women’s national team, in the Ladies Cup 2024 match


Technical sheet of the Colombian Women’s U-20 National Team vs. Japan, in the Ladies Cup

Starting lineups

Colombia female U-20: Luisa Agudelo; Cristina Motta, Stefanía Perlaza, Mary José Álvarez, Yunaira López; Juana Ortegón; Karla Vianchá, Liz Katerine Osorio, Natalia Hernández, Karla Torres; and Gabriela Rodríguez. DT: Carlos Paniagua.
Japan: Uruha Iwasaki Manaka Hayashi, Hiromi Yoneda, Rio Sasaki; Nana Kashimura, Suzu Amano, Aemu Oyama, Shinomi Koyama; Maya Hijikata, Chinari Sasai and Manaka Matsukubo. DT: Michihisa Kano.


Colombia female U-20: Maithé López, Laura Daniela Garavito, Yésica Muñoz, Valeria Candazona, Greicy Landázury, María Fernanda Viáfara, Ana Milé González, Sintia Cabezas, Mariana Silva, Karen Hernández and María Camila Chuquen.
Japan: Mao Itamura, Miyu Matsunaga, Yurie Shirasawa, Misora ​​Hayama, Mao Kubota, Moka Hiwatari, Rina Nakatani, Raika Okamura, Akane Ōkuma and Akari Kashima.

Luisa Agudelo, goalkeeper of the Colombian U-20 women’s national team, in the Ladies Cup 2024 match



Colombia female U-20: Maithé López by Gabriela Rodríguez; Laura Daniela Garavito by Natalia Hernández; Yésica Muñoz by Karla Viancha.
Japan: Miyu Matsunaga by Shinomi Koyama; Mao Itamura by Chinari Sasai; Rina Nakatani by Maya Hijikata.


Colombia female U-20: Natalia Hernandez.
Japan: Nana Kashimura and Rio Sasaki.


Colombia female U-20: Mary José Álvarez and Liz Katerine Osorio.
Japan: Does not register.

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