Domain Extinction: Hogalde said that “corruption will not take place”

Domain Extinction: Hogalde said that “corruption will not take place”
Domain Extinction: Hogalde said that “corruption will not take place”

After 8:30 a.m. this Wednesday, the Domain Forfeiture Law was presented in the Honorable Legislature of Chubut. Governor Ignacio Torres, Vice Governor Gustavo Menna and the Minister of Security and Justice, Héctor Iturrioz, accompanied by the Provincial Deputy for the PRO, Paulina Hogaldeamong other officials, gathered at this venue to announce a Law that requires the corrupt to return ill-gotten assets to the State coffers.

“This bill constitutes an essential tool in the fight against corruption and organized crime in our province. This initiative, which is an updated review of the proposal presented in 2019 by Representative Jacqueline Caminoa, seeks to incorporate into our legislation the Procedural Regime for Civil Action for Domain Forfeiture. This is: a legal means to achieve the loss of the right to property over property that, directly or indirectly, is an instrument, object or product of crime,” describes Deputy Hogalde, promoter of the Law in the Legislature of our province.

The bill, which will be discussed in committees next week with great expectations for its approval, “is a firm step towards the recovery of what was stolen by corruption. It enables a clear and effective legal framework so that the State can act quickly, of course always respecting the constitutional guarantees of due process and property,” says the lawyer, who maintains that Chubut is not exempt from acts of corruption committed by public officials, and that it is fair for the citizens that the assets are recovered for the well-being of the people of Chubut: “We witnessed repeated acts of corruption, such as the well-known ‘Royal Canin’ case, which occurred during the climate catastrophe that hit Comodoro Rivadavia in 2017 In the midst of the anguish and pain of our people, public officials criminally disposed of funds that should be used for the common good. Through this legal tool we have the opportunity not only to recover lost assets, but also to send a clear message: in our province, corruption will have no place.”

“This Procedural Regime for Civil Action for Domain Forfeiture is fundamental for our citizens. It is our responsibility and our duty to work for a more fair, transparent and equitable province,” she concluded.


In 2019, a central topic was included on the public agenda: How corruption and crimes against the Public Administration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism and other serious crimes affect the normal functioning of democratic and republican institutions. causing enormous losses for the State, in all its dimensions, which, ultimately, result in greater costs for citizens. That is why the first step was taken through the issuance of Presidential Decree 62/19, by which the Procedural Regime for Domain Forfeiture was instituted, so that the assets generated in acts of corruption are returned to the State, in the terms of article 36, 5th paragraph and 75 paragraph 2 of the National Constitution.

Our country adhered, through National Law 25,632, to the International Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, in which the States Parties establish cooperation mechanisms and tools for the recovery of property and other benefits derived from crime. In a similar sense, through Law 26,097, the United Nations Convention against Corruption was approved, an instrument in which the States Parties express their concern about the problems and threats that corruption poses for the stability and security of societies, undermining the values ​​of democracy. The Inter-American Convention against Corruption, approved by Law No. 24,759, establishes that, in accordance with applicable national legislation and treaties between countries, they will provide each other with the widest possible assistance in the identification, tracking, immobilization, confiscation and forfeiture of property obtained or derived from the commission of the crimes established in that Convention.

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