Emergency response actions due to flooding in Yopal

Due to the intense rains recorded since Tuesday night, the Yopal Territorial Disaster Risk Management Office (OTGRDY) is facing the emergency generated by floods in different parts of the capital.

As a first measure, the Second Disaster Management Committee was held, where the current situation was addressed with its members and the response phase was coordinated with different work fronts distributed by sectors.

From early hours and throughout the day, Risk Management professionals, together with Firefighters and the Red Cross, traveled to different points to verify the situation that arises with trapped people. The inspection of homes was carried out, verification of road conditions and damage to the gas pipe, to later characterize the affected people.

According to the report, the townships that were affected were: La Chaparrea, El Morro, Tacarimena, Mata de Limón, Alcaraván La Niata, Morichal, Taladro and Punto Nuevo.

Finally, the day closed with the V Extraordinary Session of the Yopal Disaster Risk Management Council, where a detailed report was provided on the current situation facing the municipality due to this emergency. Issues related to the inclusion of critical points for intervention on the Vía Buena Vista Alta, Punto El Tolón-Palomas village, Buenos Aires – El Viento, Vereda San Pascual, Vía marginal de la Selva, La Niata village (due to lateral scour in the bridge abutment).

Likewise, the Territorial Risk Management Office reiterates the red alert and recommendations for the community if it is in a risk area:

Turn off gas and electricity supplies: Turn off the gas and electricity in your home to prevent accidents.

Prepare an emergency kit: Gather important documents, medications and other essentials.

Evacuate the place: Follow the established evacuation routes until you reach the community meeting points.

Stay calm: Listen to the instructions of the authorities and stay in a safe area.

Avoid risk areas: Do not walk through flooded areas, near downed power lines or unstable structures.

Wait for instructions: Authorities will inform you when it is safe to return to normal activities.

We continue to work together for the safety of all Yopaleños and facing emergencies caused by the rainy season in this area.

: Source: Official statement from Casanare Online. #CasanareOnline #Emergency #Floods

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