Constant verification of the school feeding program in Yopal

He School Feeding Program (PAE) in Yopal is being subject to constant verification by the Secretary of Education, David Diaz Sanchez. These visits are not only limited to the urban area, but also extend to rural areas to ensure that the program works properly.

During the tours, the dialogue with the students has been fundamental. Nearly 14,300 children and adolescents They benefit from this program, whose objective is to keep them in school classrooms.

Díaz Sánchez highlights that listening to students provides valuable information about food quality, menu acceptance, and waste minimization.

Furthermore, the food handlers They also play a crucial role. They know if the products arrive on time, their quality and if they have the appropriate conditions to carry out their work as scheduled.

The teachers They also participate in these conversations, attentive to ensuring that their students receive the food. Your suggestions help improve service delivery. The rectors certify the adequate implementation of the School Feeding Program.

The information collected is used to make observations to the operator, generate action plans and define investments according to the available budget. The PAE is supervised not only by the Secretary of Education, but also by a team of professionals who work daily on these tasks.

“We see these tours as an opportunity for our PAE to continue providing the best service possible. Mayor Marco Tulio Ruiz has emphasized the importance of supervising this project, since children and adolescents deserve the best conditions to advance in their academic careers,” said David Díaz Sánchez, Secretary of Education of Yopal.


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