Carlos Pinedo Cuello delivers more computers in Guachaca – Canal CampoTV

Carlos Pinedo Cuello delivers more computers in Guachaca – Canal CampoTV
Carlos Pinedo Cuello delivers more computers in Guachaca – Canal CampoTV

Students in grades 10 and 11 now have technological tools to improve their performance on the Saber Tests.

The Guachaca District Educational Institution was filled with joy this Wednesday during a recreational activity in which the mayor of Santa Marta, Carlos Pinedo Cuello, delivered 45 laptops and educational pedagogical material to the tenth and eleventh grade students.
This is the largest investment in education in the rural area of ​​the capital in recent times. With the provision of these technological tools, students will be able to reinforce their knowledge and improve their results in the Saber Tests, one of the priority objectives of the district administration in this four-year period.
Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello reaffirmed his commitment to students, parents, teachers and administrators, recalling that institutions like Guachaca, which previously did not have a single computer, now have 45 computers in their computer room. This endowment will benefit at least one hundred students in their final years of high school.
“I am very pleased to be here, together with the Secretary of Education, Sandra Patricia Muñoz, the rector Miguel Polo and the teaching staff, to deliver these computers and teaching materials. We have projected a true transformation of education in Santa Marta, both in the urban and rural areas, because the rural area is important for this administration,” Mayor Pinedo highlighted in his speech to the students.
This delivery is part of a larger project that includes the distribution of more than 3,200 computers to all educational institutions, considered a significant advance in the ‘Santa Marta 500 Más’ District Development Plan. This plan seeks to transform the lives of thousands of Samaria families through education.
The mayor’s office will assume the payment of the Saber Tests
Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello also announced that the district administration will assume the cost of 66 thousand pesos for the right to take the Saber Tests, a significant relief for the parents of these students.
This Government focuses on concrete actions to benefit the population that needs it most, fulfilling each announcement and preventing them from becoming empty promises.
The delivery of computers will continue this Thursday, May 30 in the educational institutions of the town of Minca.


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