Ibagué festivities at risk due to $21,000 tamales contract | The chronicler

Ibagué festivities at risk due to $21,000 tamales contract | The chronicler
Ibagué festivities at risk due to $21,000 tamales contract | The chronicler

The controversial contract ended in legal troubles $8,034 million that the Mayor’s Office of Ibagué gave to the company León Gráficas to organize the logistics of the 50th edition of the Colombian Folk Festival.

Lawyer Luis Felipe Aranzalez decided to sue the contract to ask a judge of the Republic for annulment and also to impose precautionary measures to prevent the execution of the activities. According to Aranzalez, the bidding process had procedural overtones, apparently it was directed in favor of León Gráficas and the accepted proposal also contains cost overruns.

“In our opinion, the principle of objective selection, the principle of transparency, freedom of competition and equality between participants are violated, considering that it contains provisions that direct hiring to a select group or a specific person,” reads the document of the demand.

The vest contract

Among other things, the Ibagué Secretariat of Culture would have skipped the deadlines established by law to make observations on the proposal presented by León Gráficas. The law establishes five days to do so, but the Secretariat only granted one, apparently in its desire to advance the award hearing for León Gráficas, which was the only bidder that presented itself to the tender.

This fact also drew the attention of lawyer Aranzalez, who considers that the process was directed in favor of León Gráficas. The Mayor’s Office would have demanded a series of requirements that only a bidder who was under notice could meet in a short time.

In its specifications, the Mayor’s Office demanded the accreditation of requirements such as: guaranteeing the hiring of personnel with an award from the Congo d’Or, influencers with a minimum of 25,000 followers, among other very specific requirements that allow us to presume that it would be a ‘vest contract’ .

“The content of the specifications, preliminary study, technical sheet, analysis of the sector and others, makes the lack of justification, motivation or explanation of the demands raised unquestionable, which generates uncertainty and distrust in the participants of the process,” it reads. on the demand.

The Festival of waste

One of the most controversial points of the contract are the alleged cost overruns in several of the items and services that León Gráficas must guarantee for the development of the Folklore Festival. Among them, the collection of tamales at $20,800, despite the fact that on the market they range from $8,000 to $15,000. Which could lead to cost overruns of up to 100%.

Other articles such as glasses or “totumas aguardienteras”, León Gráficas will charge them at $39,270, although in the market they are between $5,000 and $10,000. You will also charge the bales of water of 24 units of 300 milliliters for $27,370, but in the market they range between $12,000 and $15,500.

An inexperienced contractor

According to lawyer Aranzalez, León Gráficas never fully certified the experience required in the specifications. Despite this, he was the winner of the public tender.

For example, the company had to attach the liquidation certificate and certificates of at least three executed contracts. However, it only attached the liquidation minutes and ignored the execution certifications, which is why it would not have evidenced the general experience required in the document.

“Nonetheless, The evaluation committee stated in the report that the experience had been met, instead of requiring the proponent to correct it. and in the awarding, the expenditure authorizing officer also refrained from reviewing this aspect, which is why he awarded the contracting process to a proponent who did not meet all the required requirements,” Aranzalez argues.

León Gráficas would also not have met the specific experience required, which consisted of demonstrating the execution of two contracts for 6,180 SMMLV, for the organization of events related to the Folk Festival. However, none of the attached contracts exceeded this figure.

June festivities at risk

For all of the above, lawyer Aranzalez also asked a judge of the Republic to impose precautionary measures on the controversial contract, which would lead to suspending the June festivities. The ruling is expected in the middle of the month, and if the judge agrees to the jurist’s claims, the contractual process of the parties would be left without a legal basis.

“With the aim of a judge provisionally suspending them immediately, this would mean that the parties could not take place.”. However, in the event that the provisional measure is not successful for the purposes of execution, we will wait for the ruling in one or two years, and in that ruling, with complete certainty, those responsible for an illegal award will be determined. , of the existing cost overruns, of a direction, who will be sanctioned by the Attorney General’s Office,” he concluded.

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