“My duty is not the interests of a political group”: Councilor to Fuerza Ciudadana

“My duty is not the interests of a political group”: Councilor to Fuerza Ciudadana
“My duty is not the interests of a political group”: Councilor to Fuerza Ciudadana

On May 24, the Fuerza Ciudadana movement, through congresswoman Ingrid Aguirre, announced the alleged expulsion of two of its three councilors in Santa Marta.

These are Juan David Vergel and Jenny García, who gave their positive vote to the Development Plan presented by Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello.

In the statement, the caicedismo reiterated that the only mayor they recognize is the defeated Jorge Agudelo, which is why they pointed out that the approval by Vergel and García meant a betrayal for the Fuerza Ciudadana flags.

“They deliberately ignored, for their own gain, the official position of the party, mocking their voters and the trust placed by the directives,” they mentioned in the statement.

It is important to mention that Fuerza Ciudadana – despite what is expressed in the document – is no longer a party, since it recently lost its legal status in a ruling by the Council of State.

And, although administratively they can no longer carry out any expulsion, they did undertake a campaign of criticism and reproaches against their Samaria councillors.

Jenny García has not yet commented on the matter, but Juan David Vergel has.

The young man took to his social networks to explain the reasons behind his decision, and defend his freedom as a lobbyist, in addition to exposing alleged faults and disorganization within the defunct party.

In the first instance, he denied that his seat had been a product of the Fuerza Ciudadana bureaucracy, and attacked other members of the movement founded by former governor Carlos Caicedo.

“The list was open and unlike others, I did not have an institutional vote. The evidence is in the candidates who obtained thousands of votes in the party without anyone seeing them campaigning. I was one of the first candidates to go out to walk the streets and the last to go to bed, working, not drinking; waking up early, not sleeping, with a fracture of the tibia and fibula,” said Vergel.

Likewise, he added in a statement the reasons behind the approval of the Development Plan, and with it, the recognition of Carlos Pinedo as mayor of the city.

“Our duty has always been to serve citizens and not limit ourselves to the interests of a particular political group,” Vergel said, adding that he will not allow “the whims of a few to hinder our progress.”

He also pointed out that his positive vote for the Development Plan “is based on an exhaustive analysis of it and the adjustments presented by the mayor.”

Finally, he stated: “I want to emphasize that my vote was not a betrayal of the principles of the Fuerza Ciudadana Political Movement, but a decision based on the conviction of prioritizing the well-being of the people over political differences. “My commitment remains to democratic values ​​and the sustainable and equitable development of our city.”

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