How the arrest of Abel Guzmán, the murderous hairdresser from Recoleta, came about

How the arrest of Abel Guzmán, the murderous hairdresser from Recoleta, came about
How the arrest of Abel Guzmán, the murderous hairdresser from Recoleta, came about

The message that the man sent to the program that offered a reward of 5 million pesos for anyone who provides relevant information to the case for the hairdresser’s crime: “Hello, I’m 2992. I’ll give you the address. Miserere 4881 -Paso del Rey- Moreno.”

That was the message sent, as agreed TN, at 7:44 on Wednesday. A minute later, the operator asked him what the house where Guzmán was in looked like from the outside.

“What does the house look like on the outside? Does it only have access from the front? What is the fugitive’s name?” the operator asked.

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Minutes later, the neighbor sent him a photo of the facade of the house and confirmed that Abel Guzmán called himself Gustavo and that “it looked a little different.” This refers to the fact that when he committed the murder of Medina he was shaved and, at the time of his arrest, more than 60 days later, he had abundant hair and beard.

The neighbor who sent the message remained a confidential identity witness and, according to what was published by Infobae, will receive the 5 million pesos within a month.

The hairdresser was left without a lawyer

Hours after being arrested, Guzmán was left without a lawyer after the controversial statements that Héctor Costa gave after the hearing where the accused of the crime of the hairdresser Germán Medina refused to testify.

It happened at the door of the judicial building on Lavalle Street where the detainee, who was a fugitive for more than two months, was transferred to testify in front of Judge Javier Sánchez Sarmiento. Although he did not do it, his lawyer was forceful with his words before the press, to the point of maintaining that Guzmán “missed the shot.”

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“The crime was not premeditated and he is sorry,” Costa began regarding the judicial situation of his client.

He also emphasized that in the next few hours he was going to visit him at the police station to “direct the defense” and “better explain the strategy.” However, what generated the most rejection is that he remarked that his client “did not know how to handle weapons” and that “the shot may have escaped.”

Given these statements, Guzmán’s family reported that Costa was fired as an official lawyer, explaining that “he lacked the necessary foundations to be able to improve his condition in Justice,” according to C5N.

The murder of Germán Medina at the hands of Abel Guzmán

After closing the store to the public, the employees stayed sharing some drinks inside and at that moment a dispute arose between the two men, during which one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire, fatally wounding the other. The shooter escaped from the scene and was on the run for more than two months.

Escape from the hairdresser’s murderer.mp4

Abel Guzman, A 43-year-old hairdresser was the one who shot his co-worker in cold blood with an accurate shot in the head. German Medina, 33, who worked as a colorist at the hair salon Verdini from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta.

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