In Colombia, 350 emergencies were reported due to rain during May

In Colombia, 350 emergencies were reported due to rain during May
In Colombia, 350 emergencies were reported due to rain during May

Rains in Bogotá

Photo: Mauricio Alvarado Lozada

In a recent statement, the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) reported that in Colombia, during May, 350 events derived from the rainy season had been reported. These events caused flooding, mass movements or flash floods in 27 of the 32 departments of the country.

According to the unit, Cundinamarca is the most affected department during this month. In total, six floods were reported in four municipalities and 38 mass movements in 20 municipalities, such as El Colegio, Yacopí, Sasaima, Nocaima, San Juan de Rio Seco, San Francisco, Ubaque, La Peña, Paratebueno, Villeta, Girardot, San Bernardo, Cachipay, Caqueza, Nilo, Gachalá, Caparrapí, Guayabetal, Fómeque and Pandi.

Another of the affected departments was Huila, where six sudden floods were reported in five municipalities and 28 mass movements in 16 municipalities, including Iquira, Palermo, Tesalia, Colombia, Guadalupe, Garzón, La Argentina, La Plata, Pital, Oporapa, Baraya, Algeciras, Nataga, San Agustín and Teruel.

In Tolima, for example, 19 mass movements occurred in municipalities such as Rioblanco, Chaparral, Melgar, Valle de San Juan, Palocabildo and Ortega. In Meta, for its part, 14 floods and some mass movements were recorded in Villavicencio; and six sudden floods in four municipalities.

Chocó, Risaralda, Bolívar, Santander, Caldas, Antioquia, Santander, Sucre, Quindío, Nariño, Casanare, Tolima, Cauca and Córdoba have also been affected by this rainy season.

Regarding the population, the UNGRD National Crisis Room noted that “in total, 85,893 Colombians were affected, equivalent to 45,498 families. The rains left 13 people dead, 31 injured, 14,699 homes damaged and 297 homes destroyed.”

It should be remembered that a mass movement refers to the movement of large volumes of earth, rocks or debris downhill due to the action of gravity and may occur, for example, landslides, rock avalanches or mud flows.

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