Extratropical cyclone approaching the south, is it as worrying as it sounds?

Extratropical cyclone approaching the south, is it as worrying as it sounds?
Extratropical cyclone approaching the south, is it as worrying as it sounds?

The forecast has caused concern. Meteorologist explained the real dimension of the phenomenon that will arrive in Chile next week.

For next week, the arrival of a cyclone has been predicted that will affect a large part of the national territory, a meteorological phenomenon that would be felt from the O’Higgins Region to the south.

The prognosis has caused both concern and disbelief, expressed primarily through social media. “The meteorologists show. Scary,” wrote a user of the X network. “Collective hysteria due to ratings,” said another user.

Although the concept of a cyclone immediately leads us to think of hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall, as occurs in tropical areas, experts have “landed” the real dimension of the phenomenon for our country.

“It is the frontal system that we have every year, mainly in the winter and autumn months,” meteorologist Cristóbal Torres, from the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, explained to ADN.

The general concern comes from a confusion that arises from the technical name for the phenomenon, according to Torres.

“What’s happening? “It is called a cyclone,” said the professional, adding that when this phenomenon originates in the tropics, hurricanes or typhoons are generated, while when it is generated in mid-latitudes such as Chile, it results in frontal systems.

“By the time this reaches the coasts of Chile, there will already be normal rainfall, almost on the moderate limit, and the wind will continue to remain within the normal to moderate ranges in the ocean,” he clarified.

“What we have are extratropical or subtropical cyclones,” which are different, the meteorologist clarified. “Now, what we have is a frontal system like the ones that always happen in the winter,” he reinforced.

This front will bring heavy rains between Monday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 4, associated with winds.

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