Miss Universe Colombia: participant has been a partner of renowned actors

Miss Universe Colombia 2024, a contest that will choose its new sovereign, will take place this Sunday, June 2, 2024 at the Puerta de Oro Caribbean Events Centerin Barranquilla, where 30 candidates from different departments and cities in the country will participate who hope to obtain the title currently held by Camila Avella.

Among the 20 candidates of the beauty contest, which you can see on the RCN Channel screen, starting at 6:00 pm, there are several women who have recognition on social networks and a large number of followers due to their roles as influencers and content creators.

Miss Huila, the ex-partner of two famous people

María Alejandra Salazar Rojas, participant representing the department of Huila in Miss Universe Colombia 2024is one of the candidates who enjoys the greatest recognition on digital platforms, due to the media relationships she has had with two celebrities from the world of entertainment.

In the year 2020, The young woman had a long relationship with the comedian, Juanda Caribe, with whom he lived for a long time in the midst of the pandemic that hit Colombia and the world. However, both celebrities decided to end their relationship, arguing that they had very different life plans.

Some time later, María Alejandra Salazar Rojas made public her romance with the actor, Sebastián Carvajal; However, this union did not last long.so the woman returned to focusing on her professional projects.

reality contestant

This is not the only candidate for Miss Universe Colombia who has recognition for her relationship with the world of entertainment, since among the participants there is also Kelly Reales, Miss Bolívar, who participated in one of the seasons of the reality show ‘Acapulco Shore’which is controversial for showing young people partying in paradisiacal cities like Acapulco, Cancún or Cartagena.

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