They denounced a Córdoba police officer for sexually abusing a detainee: “He did what he wanted with me”

They denounced a Córdoba police officer for sexually abusing a detainee: “He did what he wanted with me”
They denounced a Córdoba police officer for sexually abusing a detainee: “He did what he wanted with me”

The Department of Río Cuarto

A Cordoba police He was arrested after a woman reported him for sexual abuse while she was away in one of the departmental cells. “He did what he wanted with me”said the woman.

The accused is a sub-inspector who served in the Department of Río Cuarto. The attack would have occurred last Monday when the officer was on duty. Once the corresponding complaint was filed, the Second Shift prosecutor, Javier Di Santoordered his arrest last Tuesday and was charged with the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by his status as a public official in the exercise of his duties.

Days later, the victim spoke about what happened during an interview with the local media. Punctual and told what the attack was like. In line with her words, the woman expressed that everything happened when she was detained in a cell. The officer would have entered while she was sleeping.

Suddenly, she woke up and found him sitting next to her. She “she told me to stay seated. “She grabbed me by her hair so I could perform oral sex on her,” she began, saying through tears.

He then continued the sequence by revealing: “He turns me over and penetrates me. I don’t scream because he threatens me with my family and my daughter And at that moment the only thing I didn’t want was for him to not do anything to my family.”

“He grabbed me, He did what he wanted with me at that moment and Then he leaves the cell and I feel him open the door and leave,” he mentioned. The story became more crude when the woman recalled: “He turned me over and he threw all the semen on my back and tail. “I gathered the jacket, the T-shirt, the pants and I went to the bathroom and then I returned to my cell.” All these items of clothing were taken by the Justice as evidentiary material against the police officer.

The woman assured that these abuses happen daily in the prisons

“I don’t wish it on any woman, I know that I have done bad things because I am there for something bad, but we cannot allow that because of that and because we are officers they can treat us like that, like trash because we are not trash,” she expressed.

Then, the accused officer finished his shift, so the female officer who was supposed to relieve him arrived. Some time later, the victim told everything that happened to the uniformed officer, who restrained her at all times and accompanied her to the hospital so that the corresponding tests could be carried out.

After the complaint, the woman is at home, but she is still afraid. “The cell phones go around and I’m scared for my daughter. I am walking and I am afraid because I know that something is going to happen to me,” she said, adding that it is difficult for her to sleep at night because she feels that someone will come for her.

Furthermore, the victim revealed that these situations happen in the prisons and that the detainees do not report it. In fact, her word prompted another woman to go to court to testify for having suffered a similar attack.

It took everything from me, I don’t enjoy life, I can’t go out, it took everything from me, I’m very afraid.. I don’t want anyone to go through that, that no woman has to go through the same thing,” she lamented through tears.

After the complaint, the Cordoba Police issued a statement in which it announced the man’s arrest “due to a complaint made due to a private incident.” In that sense, they reported that an administrative process was initiated for which the man was placed in a passive situation by order of the Police Conduct Control Directorate, in line with the information that the local media was able to access. ElDoceTV.

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