The pension reform in Santa Fe will make its way in mid-June

The pension reform in Santa Fe will make its way in mid-June
The pension reform in Santa Fe will make its way in mid-June

cemented the political unanimity on the need to stop the millionaire deficit of the Santa Fe Retirement Fund, the ruling party in the provincial Chamber of Deputies hopes to approve the project in the first half of June, with half the approval of the Senate, which gives the green light to the commission that will design a pension reform.

The body’s deficit amounts to about 23,000 million pesos per month that the provincial Treasury must face to comply with the payment of salaries, without proper assistance from the national government, beyond the fact that the Gray House maintains the corresponding claim. If Balcarce 50 complied with its obligations, would allow this overdraft to be significantly reduced.

The optimism of management Maximiliano Pullaro is based on a significant advance in the recent negotiations, compared to the next debate of the initiative in Deputies, between the seats of the majority ruling partymade up of radicals, socialists, the PRO, Creo and Uno, among others.

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In fact, the internal discussion has been more about form than substance: Nobody doubts the urgency imposed by the delicate pension situation in the province. A sector of socialism in the Lower House hoped that the future special commission would consider all sectors affected by the problem. And, in line with some union leaders, they warned about the need not to modify regimes or the age limit to access a retirement. In the Gray House they consider those doubts cleared.

Confidence in the Government is also fueled by the progress recorded in the negotiation with the unions who, in the last month, expressed their disagreement with the pension reform because they considered it a measure of adjustment for workers.

In this regard, the Executive once again highlighted the importance of active workers get involved in solving the problem.

The project voted on April 25 – without the signature of the socialist July Paco Garibaldi– determines, when approaching the analysis of the scope of the pension reform, the creation of a special commission to be made up of the presidents of the Constitutional Affairs and General Legislation commissions of the upper and lower chambers, six senators, six deputies, four representatives of the Executive and four representatives of state workers’ organizations.


At the opening of Social Security Week last April, Pullaro urged to give sustainability to the pension system.

Photo: Archive / La Capital.

Once established, the commission will have 120 calendar days to draft a bill to reform the current pension system from the province.

In this framework, Pullaro intends to give an in-depth debate about what happened with the Santa Fe Retirement Fund which, at the same time, does not cause loss of vested rights (such as 82 percent mobile) to no provincial citizen.

The administration of Unidos, In addition to a reformulation of the limits, it studies raising and unifying the retirement age of men and women above the current limits.

Along these lines, the Secretary of Social Security of Santa Fe, Jorge Boassocomes hammering with what “You cannot continue retiring people at 53 or 54 years old, they are no longer old”.

Likewise, the Retirement Fund will continue at the provincial level and will continue to be a pay-as-you-go system. Paradoxically, rumors of a possible pension reform in Santa Fe retirement procedures were triggered.

In April there was a peak of 518 procedures started, almost double those carried out in that same month of 2023.


In 2015a bill had been introduced in the Senate that declared the need to reform the Santa Fe pension system.

The initiative, justified by an overdraft of the Retirement Fund that represented 70 percent of the total provincial public deficit, It had the approval of the then administration of the Progressive Front but did not add enough votes to make its way in the Legislature..

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