Eduardo Bolsonaro seeks asylum for seditionists in Argentina

Eduardo Bolsonaro seeks asylum for seditionists in Argentina
Eduardo Bolsonaro seeks asylum for seditionists in Argentina

The legislators from La Libertad Avanza who participated in the meeting were deputies Nicolás Mayoráz, Carlos Raúl Zapata and Lorena Villaverde. In addition, there was the libertarian senator Vilma Bedia, and the also deputy but from the PRO, Martín Ardohain.

O Globo exposes La Libertad Avanza

O Globo revealed that in recent months, different people “convicted by the Supreme Federal Court (STF) for various crimes, such as the attempted coup d’état, criminal association and depredation of public property” arrived in Argentina during the demonstrations opposing Lula da Silva that led to the attacks of January 8 of last year. Furthermore, the court determined that it was intended to “legitimize a military intervention.”

Among the fugitives in the country, according to the Brazilian media, are insurance broker Gilberto Ackermann, 50, “who was sentenced to 15 years in prison”; Raquel de Souza Lopes, 51 years old, “who was sentenced to 16 years and six months in prison”; businessman Luiz Fernandes Venâncio, 50, who has not yet been tried; Rosana Maciel Gomes, 50 years old, sentenced to 14 years in prison; and the bricklayer Daniel Luciano Bressan, 37 years old.

The same source added to the list of disadvantaged the musician Ângelo Sotero, 59, “sentenced in November to 15 years and six months in prison for attempted coup d’état and conspiracy to commit a crime by a ruling by the STF”, and the hairdresser Alethea Verusca Soares, 49 years old, “who was sentenced to 17 years in prison.” Although, initially, she would have fled to Uruguay, leaving his residence in Santana do Livramento, in Rio Grande do Sul, “she would have finally headed to Argentina”, where she would have requested political asylum.

La Libertad Avanza calls for the union of the extreme right of the world

The libertarian representative, Ponce, called for the unity of the regional right against the left. “The new right of Brazil and Argentina is gathered here to energetically repudiate the political persecution suffered by Brazilian citizens, but also to remind the left that we are willing to defend Western values ​​and be the beacon of the West in the world.”

Let us not forget that “one hand washes the other” and that Eduardo Bolsonaro was a staunch promoter of Javier Milei’s campaign. He now came for payment of him.

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