the details of the accident in Cervantes

Minutes before 10:30 and at the start of the Cervantes-Cervantes partial, the fatal accident occurred that ended the life of a woman, run over by Alberto Barasich. Aboard a Renault Sandero, the driver was the second to start, behind Rauly Martínez, and In one of the first corners, the car started to spin. They say that there were between six and seven, and that for that reason he ended up in the sector where the victim’s family was located..

The moment, logically, was desperate. Some people quickly went to help Barasich and his navigator Marcelo Paolorossi, so they can get out of the car. And others tried to help those who were run over. In the midst of the dramatic situation, came Guillermo Aubone, pilot and doctor, who tried to treat the woman. It was he who confirmed that she was already lifeless.

Minutes later the suspension of the competition came, in a decision that was obviously shared by all the drivers. Jorge Goyo Martínez made it official and then made it clear that there are issues to review for the future. “We will try to think and see how we continue. Today I no longer want to talk about motorsports,” said the head of the AVGR..

«My family was 20 meters away»

Mauro Rocca, one of the drivers who also participated in this second date of the Regional Rally, said: “My family was 20 meters from the scene of the accident and they told me that the car spun many times and got out of control.”. The issue of the location of spectators in the events of this type of competition is very complex and it is clear that the tragedy could have been greater.

Other colleagues mentioned the issue of security and places enabled to see the passing of cars. Several of the pilots and the organizers agreed that there was a “usual” distance between the track and the sector where the public is located, but this fatal accident confirms that more work must be done on safety issues..


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