I received help from the minister, but bags alone are not enough for three children

I received help from the minister, but bags alone are not enough for three children
I received help from the minister, but bags alone are not enough for three children

“Lorena knows that from the first minute that there is a person who was present and accompanying her… From the Ministry we made lawyers available to file the judicial papers, because to access the pension they have to have the declaration of heirs and in All this work together with the Headquarters we have always been supporting her,” he remarked.

He also said that “we are in contact with her and the boys and the support has been permanent.”

The widow replied: “I’m not Lorena, I’m Camila Seco. We really experienced the worst thing that could have happened to us. I never imagined that life would have put me in this place, enduring situations that should never happen. Beyond the misfortune that happened, that it was at the time and place of service, I never imagined the abandonment they made us feel alone and helpless in every way. He emphasized that the main problem is economic, “where the children never experienced this situation. The oldest girl will be 11 years old, she did not have luxuries but she did have a life with what she wanted because her father worked day and night. And “More than a Police professional, he was a hairdresser and did everything so that his children never lacked anything.”

With the legal sponsorship of the plaintiff lawyer Daniel Ortega, he remarked that “what I am experiencing is a terrible abandonment. I have had to sleep accompanied and I had to leave the house where I was building because I couldn’t stand his absence and my children who woke up crying “I went to my grandmother’s house and my mother’s house because I am totally helpless,” she explained.

Regarding her employment situation, she reported that she has been working as an intern for 5 years in the management of Susana Zenteno in the municipality of Valle Viejo, where “despite everything that is happening to us, I have always done my job.”

“At the end of one year, I’m like this, making a living, doing everything possible to give my children what they need, but I don’t wish this helplessness on anyone,” he said.

Finally, he maintained that “the most fair thing is that Ávalos remains detained,” because “I cannot imagine him at home, drinking mate, when we are destroyed. I ask that he pay with life imprisonment for what he did, because Oscar will never return. “The boys were left without their father.”

The cause

On June 2, 2023, in the building of the Rapid Action Motorized Infantry Group (GIMAR), located in the Capital city, Ramírez was shot in the head.

According to the investigation, it occurred when Ávalos was handling a firearm. Ávalos later admitted to investigators that he shot Ramírez.

Due to the fact, the suspect was arrested and with the progress in the investigations he ended up detained with preventive detention in the Provincial Penitentiary Service (SPP) of Miraflores, in Capayán. Recently, the Fourth Nomination Investigation Prosecutor, Federico Aldeco, concluded the preparatory criminal investigation and prepared the request for a summons to trial.

Ávalos’s defense, carried out by lawyer Roberto Mazzucco, objected. The case was referred to the Guarantee Control Court No. 1, headed by Héctor Rodolfo Maidana, who rejected the requests for a change in legal classification and cessation of prison requested by the defense.

In this way, the judge confirmed the elevation to trial of Ávalos, who is charged with “simple homicide with possible intent, aggravated by the use of a firearm.”

While the defense evaluates presenting an appeal in a higher instance, it stated that the tests carried out on Ávalos “account for his psychological situation, the deep depression he is currently suffering from and the state of post-traumatic stress in which he is after having experienced this unfortunate event of having taken the life of nothing more and nothing less than a friend.”

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