Argentine Cup: Ramón Sosa, Catalán and Navarro ruled out in La T to face Colón for going to their National Teams

Argentine Cup: Ramón Sosa, Catalán and Navarro ruled out in La T to face Colón for going to their National Teams
Argentine Cup: Ramón Sosa, Catalán and Navarro ruled out in La T to face Colón for going to their National Teams

Attentive to three fronts, Talleres will appear this Sunday in Santiago del Estero to visit Central Córdoba for the 4th date of the LPF Tournament and on Thursday, June 6, it will be Rosario vs. Columbus for the 16th. of the Argentine Cup at the Newell’s Old Boys stadium in Rosario. For this commitment, the players from different teams that make up the Albiazul squad will not be available.

Ramón Sosa was called up for the Paraguayan team, which is preparing for the Copa América, which begins on June 20 in the United States. The same thing happened with Matías Catalán for Chile, and the full-back Miguel Navarro for Venezuela. And the decision in Talleres is that none of the three be taken into account for the Argentine Cup crossing.

“No player selected from Talleres will play in the Argentine Cup. In Santiago it could be Sosa’s last game, if it is sold before July 15. If he is transferred later, he can play one more game,” said Andrés Fassi in Mundo D. The three summoned players travel next week for the preparatory matches of their respective teams, in the FIFA window prior to the start of the Cup. America. The Paraguayans Matías Galarza and Blas Riveros, and the Colombians Juan Portilla and Kevin Mantilla were not summoned for their respective representatives.

In Talleres’ victory against Atlético Tucumán, Paraguayan Ramón Sosa played what could have been his last game with the Albiazul jersey at Kempes. What remains is as a visitor for the local tournament and Libertadores; now Central Córdoba in Santiago, and Colón in Rosario, for the Argentine Cup. According to Fassi, if the “Guarani” winger is transferred before the Copa América, his farewell to Talleres will be this Sunday. If what would be an “imminent” sale is delayed, there remains the possibility that he will play on Friday, June 14 against Platense, the last date of the local tournament before the break.

As is known, Talleres will meet Colón on Thursday, June 6 at 9:30 p.m. for a place in the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, at the Newell’s stadium. Sabalero is the leader of the Primera Nacional and this Friday they took a further advantage, beating Atlético Rafaela with a great goal from Ignacio Lago, on loan from La T.

Lago scored a tremendous goal against Brigadier López, first and from the corner and from the edge of the Rafaela area, who was already playing with 10 men. It is his sixth goal for “Sabalero” and the destabilizer for Iván Delfino’s team. To the point that the Santa Fe media are already calling him “the Messi of Ascenso.”

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The left winger went on loan as part of Ruben Botta’s transfer, and due to his good performances he is closely followed in Talleres, with the intention of a “play-off” for the second semester. In Colón, obviously, they intend to retain him until December and the information from Colón’s kidney is that there is no exit clause in June.

Ignacio Lago arrived at Talleres in 2020 at the age of 18, from Isidro Casanova’s Almirante Brown, a team in which he played 31 games and scored three goals. He did it on loan for one year, with a purchase option, which the Jardín neighborhood club made use of.

In 2021 Talleres loaned him to Tlaxcala Fútbol Club, from promotion in Mexico. Later he played for San Martín de San Juan and Atlético Rafaela. This Thursday, he will be face to face with the T for the pass to the round of 16 of the Cup, an instance in which the winner will face whoever wins in the duel between Boca and Almirante Brown

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