several teams fight the final

several teams fight the final
several teams fight the final
Betplay Tournament

Once date four of the promotion home runs have ended, there are five teams with options.

Atlético Huila vs Real Cartagena
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Futbolred Editorial

June 2, 2024, 09:00 p.m. m.

While the League comes to an end, the final home runs of the BetPlay 2024-I Tournament continue to develop and have entered a definitive stage, as the two finalists for this first semester are just two dates away.

After the fourth day, there is a team that is giving surprise in the promotion and it is Orsomarso, who does not give up the leadership of group A and after its victory in Bogotá 1-0 against Tigres, it reached ten points, taking a big advantage over Real Cartagena which is second with 7 units.

Likewise, in that area Atlético Huila revived by beating Real Cartagena 2-0 and remains in the fight for that place in the final by arriving with six points.

On the B quadrangular side, the situation is even, but Llaneros is the leader with 8 points, surpassing Unión Magdalena which has the same units, while Cúcuta has three, it is eliminated even though it arrived with the invisible point.

Those from the plain were the ones who got the best result of the day, as they beat Cúcuta 3-1 and left them with no chance, in fact, there were even riots in the General Santander stadium after the result.

BetPlay 2024-I Tournament results after date 4:

Group A

Atlético Huila 2-0 Real Cartagena

Tigers 0-1 Orsomarso

B Group

Unión Magdalena 0-0 Quindío

Cúcuta 1-3 Llaneros

Final home run standings table:

Group A

1. Orsomarso – 10 pts (+5)

2. Real Cartagena – 7 pts (+1)

3. Atlético Huila – 6 pts (0)

4. Tigers – 0 pts (-6)

B Group

1. Llaneros – 8 pts (+3)

2. Magdalena Union – 8 pts (+3)

3. Cúcuta – 3 pts (-4)

4. Quindío – 2 pts (-2)

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