They reveal how he died and ask for the father’s arrest

They reveal how he died and ask for the father’s arrest
They reveal how he died and ask for the father’s arrest

In the midst of the shock over the tragic death of Lucas Mardonethe 2-month-old baby who died in the last hours after entering the Children’s Hospital of The Silver with fractures and various injuries, The Prosecutor’s Office requested the arrest of his father and gave details of the cause of death.

According to the information he was able to access preliminary autopsy report indicates that the baby died from blows received, which is why the Prosecutor’s Office asked to change the cover of “investigation of causes of death” to “homicide qualified by the link”.

The one who took the baby to the health center was his 30-year-old father. However, once his death was confirmed, he went to his home in Ringuelet immediately. The Police arrived there hours later to question the family and determine who was responsible for the incident.

Not only Lucas’s father was apprehended, but also his 17-year-old mother; his uncle, 21; and the grandfather, 56. They were all taken to the Sixth Police Station in Tolosa and remained under the scrutiny of Justice.


The 2-month-old baby was taken to the La Plata Children’s Hospital on Saturday afternoon, where he died from the blows he had suffered at home.

The progress in the cause that shocked La Plata

At this time, the investigation does not have evidence that incriminates the little boy’s uncle and grandfather, so they are already free. The mother was also released by order of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. Thus, while waiting for the full autopsy report to arrive, the main person targeted for Lucas Mardone’s death is his father.

Although at first the authorities requested to preserve the crime scene and classified the case as “investigation of causes of death”, the cover changed this Sunday to “homicide qualified by the link.”

The case was left in the hands of the Functional Instruction and Trial Unit (UFIyJ) 6, led by prosecutor Juan Menucci, and the Youth UFI 1, with the knowledge of the Guarantees Court No. 6.


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