The poor public transportation service in Las Tunas

The poor public transportation service in Las Tunas
The poor public transportation service in Las Tunas

Public transportation in Las Tunas has become a focus of constant complaints from Cubans, reflecting a daily struggle for those who need to get around. The National Bus Terminal in Las Tunas is a clear example of this problem, where the transportation crisis exacerbates the challenges of users and highlights the poor management of the service.

Behind a glass window, mistreatment and inappropriate procedures have become common, leaving users frustrated with poor service and no answers to their complaints. The situation at the terminal is a reflection of the inefficiency and lack of transparency that characterize the public transportation system.

The waiting list, which should be an economical solution for many travelers, turns into chaos, with little clarity about available capacities. This disorder facilitates improper practices such as “left passenger” and bribery, benefiting a few while the majority must wait longer or resort to expensive private vehicles.

Furthermore, the lack of information and staff apathy aggravate the inconvenience, creating a chasm of indifference between travelers and employees. The justification of the current crisis has led to irregularities being accepted as the norm.

The terminal is full of spokespersons and street vendors who disturb the tranquility of the place. Shouts and insistence interrupt the atmosphere in a room that lacks entertainment and news for travelers. The lack of administrative responsibility and the unconsciousness of some users contribute to indiscipline, from smoking in common areas to more serious acts.

Although there are food vendors, the prices are prohibitive for many, limiting access to these offerings. In addition, alcoholic beverages are sold, which makes the situation worse.

At night, the situation worsens when homeless people occupy the terminal’s benches, taking advantage of the lack of intervention from those in charge, who should act but prefer to ignore the problem. This complicity and negligence aggravate the situation, leaving users in a vulnerable position.

These problems have been recognized by customers, and the waiting list was mentioned in a recent meeting of the Provincial Party Bureau, which was seeking solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of passenger and general cargo transportation services.

The Bus Terminal in Las Tunas urgently needs an improvement in its management and service to fulfill its purpose and offer citizens decent and efficient transportation.

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