Against the Water Table and Mekorot: 400 indigenous communities will mobilize to the capital of Jujuy – Jujuy

Against the Water Table and Mekorot: 400 indigenous communities will mobilize to the capital of Jujuy – Jujuy
Against the Water Table and Mekorot: 400 indigenous communities will mobilize to the capital of Jujuy – Jujuy

06/03/2024. This Thursday a new meeting will be held regarding the Water Master Plan proposed by the government and which will be carried out by the Israeli company. Without being consulted and invited, indigenous peoples will demand compliance with ILO Convention 169

A water plan and an agreement with the questioned Israeli company Mekorot, about which little is known, put the more than 400 indigenous communities of Jujuy back in the fight, which this Thursday will arrive in the capital to express their rejection of the Water Roundtable .

On May 21, a first meeting of the so-called Water Table was held in the Cultural City, whose initiative is to carry out a Water Master Plan, works that will be developed in five stages over 25 months. During the meeting there were officials and the main absentees were the indigenous communities, especially those who live in the Salinas Grandes area, where Jujuy also signed an agreement with Salta for the joint management of the water resource, in which the indigenous communities will also have stake. Without having been summoned, a group of community members arrived at the place to express their rejection of the meeting, which they had found out about on social networks the day before.

In the midst of the attempt at explanations by officials of the Provincial Directorate of Water Resources, the communities began to shout “water is not sold, it is defended,” in addition to stating that the government never complied with ILO Convention 169 on prior, free and informed consultation, so the meeting was left unfinished with the withdrawal of the authorities from the place.

Even so, this Thursday the 6th, another meeting is expected to take place, this time, with representatives of Mekorot, so the indigenous communities have already announced that they will march that same day to the capital of Jujuy.

“They do not have the power to decide on our territories, because of our natural resources, they cannot make decisions without the communities that are pre-existing,” said one of the community members of Caspalá who participated this Saturday in the provincial assembly of indigenous communities that took place in Purmamarca. . Among the topics of discussion were the Base Law, the Emergency Law of the Province and the agreement between the province and Mekorot. Regarding this last point, representatives indicated that they will present a project to the Legislature to comply with the ILO Convention.

On the other hand, already knowing that this Thursday there will be a meeting of the Water Board, more than 400 communities will arrive in the capital of Jujuy and will gather at the Plaza Belgrano Glorieta, between 9 and 10.

“If the province has made an agreement or is about to make an agreement, it has to talk to the communities,” said Raúl Sajama, vice president of the Angosto El Perchel Community.

The claim of pre-existing peoples is not only for the resource, but must be understood within their worldview: “communities have a very particular bond with Mother Earth, it is not that we are owners of the water, in reality we are one thing.” , part of Pachamama, these cultural issues are covered by current Argentine legislation,” Sajama concluded.

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