Since they found almost nothing to steal, they “tuned” their car

Since they found almost nothing to steal, they “tuned” their car
Since they found almost nothing to steal, they “tuned” their car

Sergio and Mónica, he an electrician and she a domestic worker, were sleeping in their bedroom in their home located in the Vicentina neighborhood of Reconquista when noises coming from the garage area woke them up and alerted them.

With the urgency of the case they went to that sector of the house, where a grotesque and outrageous scene awaited them: their burgundy-colored Renault Megane had been vandalized with white paint on all the sides of the body, on a part of the windshield and in the rest of the glass.

Not only that. The criminals who managed to escape printed the legends “puto”, on the left side, and “trolo”, on the hood, where they also drew a smile similar to that of the emoji.

The space where they keep the car was wide open, but since there were only cans of paint and materials, the criminals were not able to steal almost anything. His meager loot was a faucet and a cell phone charger. It is presumed that the frustration of not finding items to steal made them retaliate in this way.

“What they didn’t do is a very ugly thing, they were missing some materials, but not very important. But the damage they have done to the car, getting up and seeing, finding yourself with all that, the helplessness, the anger it gives you, you no longer know how to live, you can’t even be calm at home. That was in the early hours of Sunday, at approximately three in the morning,” said the owner of the house.

The neighbor from the western part of the city said that “everything was upside down, we looked at the car and when we saw the car we wanted to die because it was painted from end to end. They took the trouble, we had a painting under the grill and a little brush and with that same brush they painted, wrote and painted everything, they opened it to the car, what they did was try to take out the stereo and it seems that they couldn’t. They broke the back, then the trunk part too.”

After recounting his discomfort at what happened because “you don’t know how to react at that moment or what could have happened,” he said that “Later it is also seen that they tried to force the lock of the gate that we have towards the door to enter the house, so it is seen that they were also determined to enter the house knowing that there were people. (..) this city is no longer like the one it used to be, unfortunately you can’t live like this, you have to sleep with one eye and the other be attentive to the noise of everything. The truth is very sad what happened”.

Finally, she hoped that the case could be clarified, and she referred to an extra affront that she had to endure with her husband: “The last thing they did, they defecated on us in a bucket, and they left us like that on top of a flower pot that we have, That was the last thing we found, they even went to the trouble of doing that.”

The investigation of the police incident was left to the PDI.

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