Photo fines began to operate in Neuquén: until when are they not charged for infractions

This Monday started to govern the new photofine system of the municipality of Neuquén. It’s about a trial period in which they will not charge fines, but They will warn drivers about the violations committed. Look where the cameras are.

The system of cameras at traffic lights to apply photo fines to drivers in Neuquén capital who cross on red, turn left in prohibited places or park in double rows will be deployed, in a first stage, in 100 hot spots in the city.

These images will become the proof for the inspectors to collect the infractions and they will be captured, mainly, on the avenues, ex-route 22 and main streets of the downtown area.

He trial period started yesterday and It will last for a week, then violations will begin to be fined. During these days The aim is to verify that the entire photo-taking circuit, send the fine to your home, and everything works correctly.

Photomults began to operate in Neuquén: Where are the cameras


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