4 former Army officers sentenced to 10 years in prison for the disappearance of Mirista in 1977

4 former Army officers sentenced to 10 years in prison for the disappearance of Mirista in 1977
4 former Army officers sentenced to 10 years in prison for the disappearance of Mirista in 1977

Marianela Cifuentes, minister on extraordinary visit for cases of human rights violations of the Court of Appeals of San Miguel, sentenced four former Army officers to a sentence of 10 years in prison for their responsibilities in the disappearance of a man who was a member of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) during the dictatorship.

Meanwhile, another former officer was sentenced to 540 days in jail for his role as an accessory. All the other convicts were already serving their sentences in Punta Peuco.

The events date back to October 15, 1977.when in the early morning hours, José Miguel Tobar Quezada, the only survivor, was walking down a street in the Pudahuel commune.

At that moment, He was detained by security agents, “who deprived him of his sense of sight, putting adhesive tape over his eyelids, thus preventing him from observing the location of the place he was going to.” was transferred, the clandestine detention center called ‘Villa Grimaldi‘»as indicated in the ruling (Role 6-2002).

At the facility, Tobar was subjected to illegitimate interrogations and coercion.in order to obtain information about other MIR militants.

Under pressure, Tobar handed over the name of Jenny del Carmen Barra Rosales, political name “Hilda”, who was also a nursing student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

When investigating his background, The security agents went to the young woman’s home in San Bernardo to request more information from his neighbor about “Hilda’s” activities.

On October 17, 1977as Jenny heads home after spending the afternoon at her friend’s house, «She was detained, without right, by security agents, who, immediately afterwards, transferred her to the same facility where Tobar Quezada remained deprived of liberty.

When interrogated and subjected to torture, she gave the name of another member of the MIR, the photographer Hernán Santos Pérez Álvarezwho He was also kidnapped on October 19, 1977 when leaving a kindergarten in the Pudahuel commune, and transported in a car in which Jenny was traveling with three of the convicted former officers, to Villa Grimaldi, according to witness statements.

Both Jenny Barra and Hernán Santos They actively collaborated to The rebel, newspaper that spread anarchist ideas through poetry.

Both were transferred again to the Simón Bolivar detention center, where they were murdered “on an undetermined date, in a violent manner, as a result of traumatic events caused by third parties.”

Their bodies “were thrown into a hole in the ‘Los Bronces’ mine on the Barriga slope, place where in 2001 only some small skeletonized fragments were found.because in 1979 the National Information Center (CNI) carried out an operation at the site to “extract the remains of the executed prisoners, which were removed and transferred to an undetermined location.”

As for those responsible for these crimes, it is pointed out: Miguel Krassnoff Martchenkowho was the Army captain in charge of Villa Grimaldi, and also, «“He commanded the operational teams in charge of pursuing and exterminating the MIR militants.”

The other convicted officer is Juan Hernán Morales Salgado, which at that time, was in charge of the Simón Bolivar detention center, according to the background contained in the ruling.

Meanwhile, “the Army colonel Pedro Octavio Espinoza Bravo and Army Lieutenant Colonel Rolf Gonzalo Wenderoth Pozo “They served as director, director of Operations and deputy director of Internal Intelligence of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), respectively.”

Who, furthermore, continued operations in the CNI after the dissolution of the DINA.

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