Winter holidays in San Juan: lack of reservations is worrying

Winter holidays in San Juan: lack of reservations is worrying
Winter holidays in San Juan: lack of reservations is worrying

June has arrived, the cold begins and the winter holidays are approaching throughout the country. From the tourism sectorAs always, they wait for July to arrive to receive the tourists who come to San Juan to spend your vacation. But this time there is a lot caution, concern and expectationbecause, at the moment, there are not as many reserves as in other times.

We are having inquiries, but not many reservations“, indicates to Zonda DiaryGustavo Chavezsecretary of incoming tourism of the San Juan Chamber of Tourism.

In this context, the businessman explains that, in general, the tourist who arrives in the province does so “based on a minimum of four nights in the destination. In general, They spend two or three nights in the capital city and leave the occasional night to spend inside. de San Juan. “It can be in the town of Barreal or in the department of Valle Fértil.”.

Winter activities in San Juan

In this sense, he adds that visitors come to carry out different tourist activities in San Juan, such as tour the mountains and lakesand they usually leave the middle night of their stay to go astrotourism in Barreal or to spend the whole day and stay in Valle Fértil visiting the Ischigualasto National Park.

Frozen prices

Winter activities in San Juan

“Day by day, we are worried about not having many reserves. We understand that people arewaiting for some sign of improvement or they haven’t made the decision yet. Therefore, when talking about values, we have to say that the values ​​have remained stable in the last two months. Agencies have not touched costs much and there is a tendency to maintain the values, waiting for the issue of excursions, transfers and accommodation to become a little more active”explains the businessman.

In this context, Chávez highlights that they have suffered increases in the sectorlike that of excursions, but the agencies maintain the price for the client and absorb these increases so that San Juan does not become “an unsaleable destination because of how expensive it is” .

How much does it cost to come to San Juan for tourism?

Winter activities in San Juan

According to what was explained by businessman Chávez, the packages vary depending on the number of nights and the quality of the accommodation, since there are hotels that vary between two and four stars.

There are very good hotels in the two or three star category, with packages of three or four nights that start at 120,000. These packages include nights’ accommodation and typical San Juan excursions.“.

These packages do not include air tickets, but they do include “in-out” transfers, which are from the airport to the hotel, and some excursion that may be the Wine Route wave olive tree routeWhat are they short excursions. They also include one or two ““full day excursions” that are at Ischigualasto Parkwhich last all day, or Barreal.

Wine Route in San Juan.

Furthermore, in this sense, a tourism businessman highlighted that all tourism companies in San Juan have promotions with banks and they aim precisely at this, taking into account that the distance from San Juan is greater, therefore, costs are usually higher for people coming from Buenos Aires. They try to compete with the tourism sector of Mendoza and San Luis by taking advantage of the banks’ offers.

Astrotourism in winter: yes or no?

Astrotourism in San Juan

In a previous note, Erick Gonzalezdirector of Felix Aguilar Observatoryexplained to this medium that in winter the center of the galaxy is seen from the southern hemisphere and, precisely at this time, when there is clear sky, the sky that can be observed from the Pampa del Leoncito It is the best in the world.

In this context, Chávez was asked if there are many people wanting to do astrotourism in winter in San Juan. The businessman highlights that the cold usually affects this activity a little. Many times the cold scares tourists a little. and more so in these places, because the sightings are made at dawn with two, three or four degrees, but there are people who, in any case, like astrotourism and do not skimp: they dress warmly and go to the observatories at dawn. The truth is that they are the least, but It is a sector that is gradually growing more and more.

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