Hoffmann’s candidacy for Valparaíso divides Chile Vamos and deepens differences between UDI and RN

Hoffmann’s candidacy for Valparaíso divides Chile Vamos and deepens differences between UDI and RN
Hoffmann’s candidacy for Valparaíso divides Chile Vamos and deepens differences between UDI and RN

Two months before the registration of candidacies for the gubernatorial election in October of this year, in Chile Vamos differences persist regarding the figures that must represent the sector in two of the key regions of the country.

Added to the situation of the Metropolitana—where the UDI named former minister Isabel Plá as a candidate, while RN did the same with former seremi Rosa Oyarce—now there is a new dispute for the candidacy for the governorship of Valparaiso.

The star’s coalition is torn between two figures to compete with the current governor Rodrigo Mundaca: the general secretary of the UDI, María José Hoffmannand the former deputy RN of district 6, Luis Pardo.

The negotiation between the two large parties of the alliance, however, has been far from being a fraternal debate; from RN they accuse Hoffmann of wanting leverage the election platform to generate electoral capital for the 2025 senatorial election, while in the UDI they appeal to the low competitiveness that Pardo would have.

The reasons in favor of Hoffmann

Hoffmann, who was a representative for district 7 between 2018 and 2022, was consecrated by the UDI as a candidate as a result of the high level of knowledge of her figure in the area, which is explained by the national role she plays in the union store and that in During the last legislative period, she was a deputy representing the communes that accumulate the majority of votes in the region: Algarrobo, Cartagena, Casablanca, Concón, El Quisco, El Tabo, Isla de Pascua, Juan Fernández, San Antonio, Santo Domingo, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.

In his last election, in addition, he was the first majority in the area with more than 34 thousand votes, which is reflected in the surveys. According to the UDD Citizen Panel survey, Hoffmann would be the most competitive opposition candidate with 9% of the mentions, although very far from Mundaca’s 28%.

On the other hand, there is the fact that he already received the support explicit from the safest presidential candidate in Chile Come on, Evelyn Matthei.

“Pepa Hoffmann is the one who can really move the Fifth Region forward. I have known her for many years and I know of her character, courage, and her management capacity (…) A lot of management is needed in terms of security, in economic development, in quality of life and Pepa Hoffmann is what the Fifth Region needs” , Matthei said in a video shared on his social networks.

Tough RN offensive

In RN, however, they do not plan to give in so easily to Hoffmann’s candidacy. The party led by Senator Rodrigo Galilea has deployed a tough offensive to discredit to the unionist general secretary who is accused of wanting to use the election of governors as trampoline for the 2025 senatorial election.

“I have no problem with her being a candidate. The issue is that we do not want the governorship of Valparaíso to be used for the sole purpose of it being a platform for another candidacy,” deputy Andrés Celis (RN) tells El Desconcert.

Celis, along these lines, assured this medium that “the big difference” between the RN candidate, Luis Pardo, and Hoffman is that “our candidate wants to be governor and she wants to be senator”.

That position was endorsed by deputy Andrés Longton (RN) who told La Segunda that “in a government where territorial ties are essential, the Valparaíso region cannot be a laboratory for candidates.” foreigners”.

Those familiar with the negotiations between RN and the UDI assure that the star’s store offered Hoffmann a solution to the controversy: that both candidates submit to a survey and that if they win, they sign a public document before a notary in which they commit to not compete for the senate of Valparaíso in 2025 in case she is not elected as governor.

In any case, the same sources indicate that Hoffmann has disengaged of this request.

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